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The Newest Fuel Wheels

May 27, 2020

1. Covert

Fuel Covert

We'd like to start with the Covert. This wheel has a simulated beadlock but you can actually also option it with a true beadlock if you need the extra off-road capabilities. The Covert is an incredibly intricate wheel when it comes to design. The spokes almost have a directional twist to them and they don't actually reach all the way to the rim. Instead the jut back which leaves this open space between the spokes and the outer barrel that gives the wheel a really unique look. There is also subtle milling around the beadlock and FUEL is embossed on one spoke as well as on the center cap painted to match your finish. Speaking of finishes, the Fuel Covert is available in Black, Matte Black, Red, and Bronze giving it a wide array of different styles. Pricing for a 20x10 is right around $1500 a set.


2. Ignite

Fuel Ignite

On the opposite end of the spectrum, we have the Fuel Ignite. This is more of a show style wheel as opposed to the Covert which caters to more of an offroad market. This wheel has a very simple and clean design which is quite different from what we typically see from this company. There is a slight concavity to it and you can actually see that the lip is perfectly rolled leaving no harsh lines. You can tell that Fuel wanted to go with a smooth, show style design with this one. Finishes are chrome, black/red, and black milled and all three look absolutely gorgeous. These will set you back around $1300 for a set of 20x10s.


3. Militia

Fuel Militia

If you have an Abrams tank and need a wheel replacement, look no further. That's a joke of course but just look at this thing. This has to be one of the most industrial, military-esque looking wheels to come out in a very long time. The whole design is centered around the center cap and this wheel is configured for an eight lug pattern. The center cap is obviously large and actually covers the entirety of your lugs and gives it the look of a 12-lug wheel. The spokes are very short and there is no lip to this one. If you want your build to look like a tank and want the most hardy look possible, the Militia will be hard to beat.


4. Cyclone

Fuel Cyclone

Finally, we have the Cyclone which is appropriately named. This is a very concave wheel that, like the Militia, has no lip. This is a directional style wheel but is not true directional so that something to keep in mind. Again, the center of the wheel seems to be the focal point with the center of the wheel sort of flattening out before reaching the twisted spokes. Fuel is embossed on that flattened part in the center as well. There are also notches around the outer part of the wheel, but overall there isn't too much more to talk about in terms of the design. The Cyclone is available in black or gray and will give your build a unique look no matter what finish you end up choosing.


That's all for the new Fuel wheels. They come out with new designs all the time and their latest certainly did not disappoint!