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Fuel Gripper Tire Review

May 30, 2020

That's right, we're back talking about Fuel again and this time we'll be taking a look at their tires. We bet some of you didn't even realize that Fuel makes tires. Well, today we're going to take a look at all three versions of their Gripper tire.


1. Gripper AT


Fuel Gripper AT


We'll start with the least aggressive which is the Fuel Gripper AT. This tire is, as the name states, an all-terrain tire meaning this will be the most daily drivable tire of the lineup. However, we did notice that this one is a lot more aggressive than your standard all-terrain tire. There are large shoulder blocks with a tighter middle section. The middle section helps reduce noise going down the road and the large blocks on the outside help with maintaining grip off-road. Overall, this tire sits right on the line of being a hybrid tire because of the way it's designed and how aggressive it is.


Fuel Gripper AT Silverado




2. Gripper MT


Fuel Gripper MT


Next is the Gripper MT or mud tire. This one is pretty standard in terms of what you would see coming out of other companies. The tread is evenly spaced with very deep grooves which will give you plenty of traction when you need it. You can also see there is a decent amount of stone ejectors on this tire which always helps maintain your grip. One thing we really love about this tire is the design of the sidewall. It's very aggressive, especially when compared to other mud tires. Most of the sidewall design doesn't actually play a part in the performance of the tire but it definitely looks cool and will set your build apart from the rest.


Fuel Gripper MT Sierra




3. Fuel Gripper XT


Fuel Gripper XT


Now, with almost every other tire manufacturer, XT symbolizes a hybrid tire, but not with Fuel. The Gripper XT is actually the most aggressive tire they offer and is, yet again, a mud tire. Looking at this beast, you can see absolutely massive tread blocks with large voids and stone ejectors that go all the way through. This is almost a Baja style design since the blocks are so big and have a ton of spacing. Moving onto the sidewall, you have huge blocks here as well which will give you the extra grip you may need when you air out.


Fuel Gripper XT Ram




Overall, all of these tires have their unique spot in the lineup and one of the coolest parts about them is they all cost the same, about $1300. This means you can pick whatever tire best suits your needs and it will be the same cost as the others.



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