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The Ultimate Off-Road Tire Buying Guide

August 7, 2020

1. All Terrain

Nitto Terra Grappler G2

We'll start with the least aggressive tire type, all terrain. All terrain tires are designed to handle mild offroading situations while being able to be comfortable on the road. If you use your truck for daily things like going to work or to the store more than going off-road, this is the type of tire you're going to want to stick with. These tires typically have a less aggressive tread pattern than the other two types we'll talk about and are designed to stay somewhat quiet while going down the road

Lifted Ram with Anthem Wheels

2. Hybrid

Nitto Ridge Grappler

Now we will move on to hybrid tires. Hybrid tires are a combination of all terrain tires and mud terrain tires. They’re sort of the best of both worlds they’ll be somewhat quiet and comfortable going down the road and will give you the offroad performance of a mud tire. Hybrid tires are the most popular type of off-road and tire because they offer advantages for road use and off-road use they’ll be able to get you comfortably to the grocery store without much noise but will also allow you to go off-road and hit some rougher terrain when compared to an all-terrain tire If you find yourself using your truck for daily activities about as much as you use it for fun offloading activities definitely check out a set of hybrid tires. This will be your best bet for all-around performance and comfort.

Lifted F150 Nitto Ridge Grappler

3. Mud Terrain

Atturo Trail Blade MT

Finally, we have mud tires. Mud tires are designed to tackle the harshest terrain possible they are very deep tread voids and large tread blocks using these on the road will be very loud but in terms of off-road Performance there is a better tire tight these often have a lot of water evacuation channels as well to make sure that no water gets stuck in your tires and will help improve your grip you’ll also notice a lot of my tires have a sidewall design so that when you air down your tires you’ll actually have more treadHitting the ground which will give you more drip when going through rough terrain

Toyota Tundra Atturo Trail Blade MT