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Hardrock Wheel Reviews

June 15, 2020

Hardrock has become more and more popular as years have gone on and today, we're going to take a look at a few of their wheels.


1. Affliction Xposed


Hardrock Affliction XposedHardrock Affliction Xposed Sierra


Starting off our list is the Affliction Xposed, Xposed meaning it has exposed lugs. This is a split 8 spoke wheel with milled accents. This is a very aggressive show-style wheel. What we find super interesting about the Affliction is that you actually don't get as big of a lip as you'd expect with the size of the wheel. This is because the spokes actually just out a little bit towards the ends, but if you look towards the center of the wheel, you'll see the actual amount of lip you get. The milling on this wheel also looks really good and forms a perfect Y shape. Pricing for the Affliction Xposed is right around $1300 for a 22x12.


2. Painkiller


Hardrock PainkillerHardrock Painkiller Tundra


Staying with that aggressive styling, we have the Painkiller. This has a very concave design that really gives it a mean look. Being that this is a sold eight spoke design, the wheel looks a lot cleaner than most of the others on the market. There is also a ton of milling on the Painkiller going all the way down both sides of the spokes and with an accent in the middle of each spoke. There are also rivets along the out lip and you can see Hardrock engraved. As far as pricing goes, the Painkiller starts around $1100 for a 20x9.


3. Gunner


Hardrock GunnerHardrock Gunner Ram


This is one of Hardrock's top-selling wheels. The Gunner is a split Y design but unlike the Affliction, the Gunner has more of a flat face with milled windows all the way around. Also unlike the other wheels on this list so far, the Gunner is dual-drilled so it does not feature exposed lugs. This is a very busy wheel but it's definitely done really well and doesn't look too over the top. If this is your style, the Gunner will be hard to beat. The rivets along the edge of the wheel also match the milled windows very well and help pull the whole design together.  The Gunner is available in black milled or all black so if you prefer a clean look without any rivets, check out the all-black version. Pricing sits around $800 for a 20x10.


4. H103


Hardrock H103Hardrock HR103


Now onto something completely different, we have the H103. This is a newer design from Hardrock that is geared more towards off-roading. There is a simulated Beadlock that has some half-windows all around as well. This is designed to be what most off-road enthusiasts are looking for in a wheel. It has a wide Y spoke design that makes the wheel look more burly. Other than that, it's a pretty simple design that most people who do a lot of off-road activities will enjoy. There are a few different finish options like Machined Black, Black, and Bronze and pricing is actually pretty good sitting at around $1000 for a 20x9.



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