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What are Traction Bars

August 31, 2020

If you're new to the truck scene, you've probably heard of traction bars but you may not actually know what they are and what they do. Here, we'll go over what they are, and if you really need them or not.


1. What Are Traction Bars?


If you've ever looked at a lifted truck, you've probably noticed the long driveshaft running underneath it. However, some trucks have a bar that runs on each side of the driveshaft and go towards the back of the truck. These are traction bars. The bars mount to the rear axle and then connect to somewhere down the frame of the truck either by bolts or by welding it in. While they definitely look good on off-road builds, traction bars actually serve a functional purpose as well.



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2. What Do Traction Bars Do?


Traction bars are designed to stop the flexing of the rear end of your truck in order to prevent premature wear or damage to your axle, driveshaft, or rear differential when you accelerate hard or are going down bumpy roads. What happens when you accelerate hard, for example, is your leaf springs flex, and instead of being a U-shape like they should be, they end up bending to an S shape. You'll also notice that the axle will hop a lot with the wheels and move forward. This can cause quite a bit of damage to your truck if it happens often so traction bars eliminate some of the potential danger.


Silverado 10 inch lift kit


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This will cause your rear differential to rotate and your driveshaft now has a different distance to cover than normal so it causes a lot of wear. Traction bars are mounted from the rear axle to the frame which doesn't allow the axle to move a lot, this prevents wheel hop and leaves everything where it should be. It can increase the amount of traction your truck gets by keeping everything planted to the ground. 


Lifted F250 Super Duty


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