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Most Expensive Lift Kits

June 15, 2020

1. McGaughys 10 inch Lift Kit

McGaughys 10 inch lift kit

Starting off with the least expensive kit on this list we have the McGaughy's 10" Lift Kit. Obviously a ten inch lift is pretty big but what's really cool about this lift kit is the McGauhys will actually send this kit raw, or completely unassembled. Now you might be wondering, if I'm paying so much for this lift, why isn't it even put together? Well the thinking behind this is that if they send you the kit in pieces, it makes your kit easier for you to customize with powdercoat or paint. This way you make truly make the kit your own and still get all of the McGaughys quality you love.


2. Full Throttle Suspension 15 inch Lift Kit

FTS 15 inch lift kit

Next up we have the FTS 15" Lift Kit. This is actually a lot like their standard 6 inch lift in the way that it's a bolt in kit. But what we love is that this lift is actually a full drop down kit which means that it moves all of your mechanical components down like your front differential and your steering rack. This allows your truck to still have all of the correct angles. The 15" Lift Kit also comes with new brake lines and 1/4 inch thick steel crossmembers. FTS is known for their higher prices but for a 15" full drop lift, it's not too badly priced. 


3. Fabtech 10 inch Radius Lift Kit

Fabtech 10 inch radius lift kit

We'd like to start off saying that this kit does come with the Dirt Logic 4.0 coilovers. So you get really good off-road performance with this kit. The look of the Fabtech kit is very intense thanks to the coilover design. The kit has a full tubular structure strengthened by side plates and has an adjustable alignment cam. This kit comes with everything you need to be ready to perform and it's from a pretty big name brand company which should give you piece of mind that you're buying a quality kit.


4.  FTS 15 inch Lift Kit for GM SUVs

FTS 15" SUV Lift

We already talked about this kit previously for trucks but this one is adapted for SUV's and will fit a Tahoe, Suburban, Avalanche, Escalade, and Yukon Denali. 


5. ICON 1-3 inch Stage 4 Suspension Kit

ICON Suspension Kit

This is the most expensive lift kit that we offer and we bet you were thinking that it would be some massive 24-inch kit or something. Nope! It's actually an ICON 1-3 inch lift kit for the 2017 and up Ford Raptor. This kit has an absolutely massive parts list for what's included and it even comes with remote reservoir coilovers. This is an absolutely insane kit that is meant for some extreme performance applications such as running through the desert at over 100 mph. This is the most performance-based kit that we offer.