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Kenda Klever RT Tire Review

December 15, 2020

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The Kenda Klever RT is somewhat new to the game and has been getting quite a bit of attention. But with it being so new, a lot of people are hesitant to actually shell out the money for them. Well, today we'll talk about whether or not they're worth the money.

But first, who is Kenda Tires? Founded in Taiwan back in 1962, Kenda originally began with bicycles and motorcycles. They have since grown into an automotive tire brand too.

Kenda works with Cooper Tire to put their expertise together. They are known for the reliability of their tires and their lasting power.





Table of Contents

1. Design

2. Performance

3. Price

4. Pros

5. Cons


Kenda Tires Logo


1. Design


Comfort, traction, durability, and long tread life all in one tire. This is a tire that brings the best of a mud tire and an all-terrain together. Perfect for your daily commute or for the trails off-road.

This award-winning tire is made for all conditions and all-terrain. Aggressively styled yet still quiet and smooth. 

The Kenda Klever RT is an aftermarket hybrid tire that, if you don't know, means that it combines aspects of an all-terrain and a mud tire into one in an attempt to give you great all-around performance and comfort. The tread design of this tire is pretty aggressive but nothing too crazy like you'd see on a mud tire.


Kenda Klever RT


There is a decent amount of spacing between each of the tread blocks and the actual shape of the blocks is pretty cool. There doesn't seem to be a uniform shape to them which makes the tire look really rugged. There's also a good amount of horizontal siping that's nice to see on a tire at this price point.

Moving onto the sidewall, the design is very blocky and will actually provide a good amount of tire for use if you air out. Overall, the Klever RT has just the right amount of aggression without going over the top.


Kenda Klever RT Jeep Wrangler


2. Performance


Now onto the part that matters most. How does the Kenda Klever RT perform? Well, all of the tread voids allow plenty of evacuation for water and rocks, giving you more wet and off-road traction. The blocks are also pretty large which means there is plenty of tire making contact with the ground and if you decide to air out for more traction, the shoulder lugs will provide a decent amount of traction as well.


Kenda Klever RT Silverado Pickup Truck


The siping on the Klever RT will also help with winter traction so if you live in a place that gets plenty of snow, they should do pretty well. Keep in mind that this isn't a mud tire so doing a lot of mud bogging might be a little challenging but it should be doable. The Kenda Klever RT gives a great balance of on-road comfort and off-road performance for the money.


Kenda Klever RT Silverado


3. Price


Speaking of money, let's talk price. The Kenda Klever RT is available up to a 35x12.5 so if you're looking for something bigger, there are going to be other options for you. That being said, the 35x12.5 sits just under $1000 which, for that amount of money, you get quite a bit of performance and comfort which is probably why this tire has been growing in popularity lately.


Kenda Klever RT Cateye Silverado


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  • Great off-road traction
  • Competitive price
  • Quiet on-road
  • Safe in a variety of conditions
  • Look great



  • Select size options
  • Tread wears quickly (35-40k miles)


Kenda Klever RT Cateye Silverado


This has been the round-up on our thoughts of the Kenda Klever RT, it has quickly become one of our favorites. We cant wait to see what Kenda comes up with next. 


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