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A Quick Look at the New Ford Ranger Raptor

July 6, 2020

Ford Motor Company has been killing it in the OEM performance market in literally every avenue, from the GT to the GT350 and even the F-150 Raptor. With all the success, it didn't seem right to water down the all-American, unadulterated, bald eagle screaming, hell yeah brother thrill ride that the F-150 Raptor offers. Seriously. 450 horsepower and 510-foot pounds of torque with 14 inches of suspension travel, make the Raptor an absolute thrill both on and off the pavement.




Ford Ranger Raptor

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But we're not here to talk about big brother, are we? Revealed in 2018 to the European and Australian domestic markets, the Ranger Raptor created quite the buzz. It stormed those markets by offering a compact-sized truck that was catered to the off-road enthusiast. No longer did the people of European countries like Germany and France have to settle for a full-sized pickup. They could now get almost all of the performance of the F-150 Raptor from the mid-size truck they had already come to love, the Ford Ranger.


Ford Ranger Raptor


The Ranger Raptor hit the ground running with 210 horsepower and just shy of 370-foot pounds of torque. That performance comes out of a very unique engine choice, a 2.0-liter EcoBlue bi-turbo diesel engine. That's right, I said bi-turbo. See, unlike a conventional twin-turbo setup where you have two have the same size turbos or even a compound turbo setup where you have a little turbo feeding a big turbo, the Ranger Raptor features two different sized turbos.


Ford Ranger Raptor


At lower RPM speeds, the two turbos work in unison, similar to a sequential turbo setup, which gives you maximum torque and engine responsiveness at lower RPMs. However, when you get the old RPMs up, the smaller turbo is actually bypassed and rerouted. This allows the low pressure, but higher volume turbo to provide smooth, consistent boost to the engine as you're shredding it off-road. Paired to this unique engine offering is Ford's own 10-speed automatic transmission, which is rumored to be the same 10 speed that's offered in the Mustang. Obviously with a little bit of work on the gearing and the transmission control module for the different environments that the Ranger Raptor will encounter.


Ford Ranger Raptor


In terms of suspension, the Ranger Raptor delivers aluminum lower control arms which the perfect home for the Raptor's 2.5-inch Fox shocks. Additionally, these shocks feature position-sensitive dampening technology, which means that the shock responds much smoother in the middle of the range, but acts much more firm at the lower and higher threshold, similar to how a progressive spring would work on a car. This allows the Ranger Raptor to drive smooth as silk during normal operations, but still stay planted if you were to go over some large humps at high speeds. Additionally, the Ranger Raptor comes factory with some 33-inch, BF Goodrich all-terrain tires.


Ford Ranger Raptor


When it comes to the interior, the current-gen Ranger Raptor is much like its less performance-oriented counterparts, but with a little more attention to detail. The European trucks come equipped with leather, microsuede, and heavy bolstering on the front seats, and the steering wheel comes with a red stripe with the 12 o'clock mark, so you always know what direction is up when you're running it in the desert. Ford ties this all together with a sleek set of aluminum paddle shifters so you can command gears as you please. The dash is sleek and stylish and features an 8-inch touchscreen.


Ford Ranger Raptor

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So when are we going to get the Ranger Raptor in the U.S.? While Ford motor company hasn't officially confirmed anything yet, there are several sources that confidently say the Ranger Raptor will put its all-terrain tires on US soil before too long. This is extremely exciting because it poses a fantastic question. What engine will the US-spec Ranger Raptor come with? While most agree it's not likely to be the diesel engine, there seems to be no really good direction as to what engine offering Ford will put in this truck. Either way, we're sure whatever engine they stick between the frame rails will be an absolute thrill to drive both on and off the pavement.



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