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How Do I Track My Order?

July 10, 2020

1. Where Do I Find Tracking?

If you just purchased something from us and you want to know how to find where it's located and when it will arrive, head on over to the tracking page and punch in your email!



2.  How to Use the Tracking Page

After you put in your email, the system will pull up your entire order and you can click to order details/track item. When that page comes up, you'll be able to see exactly when it was shipped and where it's located currently. You'll also get information such as the invoice number, date ordered, the total order cost, and the details of the vehicle you ordered the items for.


3. How Your Order is Processed

We actually made a video covering the entire order process below!


4. I Received My Wheel and Tires but Not the Rest of My Order

If you ordered suspension, spacers, or other accessories and you didn't receive them with your wheels and tires, don't worry! Most likely what happened is that your other items are shipped separately from your wheels and tires because they come from a different location. Just use the tracking page to see where they're at!


5. I Paid for Priority Shipping and My Order Still Hasn't Shipped

Priority Shipping can get confusing and we get this question a lot. If you paid for priority shipping, it only applies to the shipping time, not the processing time. The time that it takes to get your order ready to ship out remains the same. Once it's loaded onto the truck, your order will be rushed to you.