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Suspension Fitment

July 13, 2020

1. How Do I Know What Suspension Kits Fit My Truck?


If you head over to our home page, select your year, make, model, and all other relevant information and our system will automatically find suspension that should fit your truck. When you've found the kit you want, we'll ask you a few more questions to confirm fitment.

If you're still a little unsure about your fitment and want to confirm it will work for you, head on over to our gallery and add all of your info. There, you can see what everyone with the same truck as you is running that way you know what fits. You can even click on their picture and find the EXACT suspension kit they're running and purchase it from there!


Ram Rebel Lift Kit


2. How Do I Know What Type of Control Arms I Have For My GM Truck?


If you have a newer GM truck, you might be a little worried about what kind of control arms your truck has since GM had 3 different designs in such a short period of time. Here's how to tell them apart:

  • Two-Piece Stamped

This control arm will be black in color, pretty wide, and smooth. An easy way to tell if you have this type is to look at the back of the control arm and find the long weld along the entire control arm. This is where the two pieces of the stamped metal meet.

  • Aluminum

By far the easiest way to tell if you have an aluminum control arm is just by the color alone. Unlike the other two variants, this one will be silver and easily identifiable as aluminum.

  • One-Piece Cast

Last but not least, we have the one-piece cast control arm. This will be black in color and thinner than the stamped version. You will not see a long weld on this control arm as it's only one solid piece.


GMC Sierra Denali 5 Inch Lift


3. Can I Use My Stock Wheels with a Suspension Lift?


Yes! However, we'd definitely recommend running aftermarket wheels and bigger tires. If you lift your truck with the stock wheels, it can tend to look a little weird since you now have a huge truck but tiny wheels. It can sometimes make your truck look like it skipped leg day.


4. Do Certain Special Models Make a Difference In What Lift I Can Get?


As a matter of fact, it does! If you have something like a Silverado TrailBoss or Ram Rebel, certain kits may or may not fit your vehicle. The Silverado TrailBoss comes with a factory lift kit already so shopping for a standard Silverado lift won't help you much. A Ram Rebel often comes with air suspension from the factory which can complicate things a bit. Pay attention to the trim level of your truck before pulling the trigger on anything.


Silverado with ARKON Wheels



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