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Federal Couragia MT Review

July 30, 2020

Today we'll talk about the Federal Couragia MT, one of the most popular tires we carry.


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1. The Design

Federal Couragia MT Jeep Wrangler

So, like most mud tires, the Couragia has very large tread blocks. This helps remove any rocks or other debris that might get stuck in the tread. The Couragia does a great job removing these things especially because Federal has designed this tire with void treads that are placed between the tread blocks. This helps remove excess dirt and mud. The inner tread blocks have a few sharp, cutting design which allows the Couragia to dig into rocks when climbing or dirt/snow when you need the traction. This will help you maintain momentum. The outer tread blocks are claw-shaped to make sure that they can continuously grab the terrain below them. This is a very aggressive looking mud tire overall, which is why a lot of people have come to love the Couragia MT. It provides everything you'd want in a mud tire into one affordable package.

Federal Couragia MT Jeep Wrangler



2. Driving Review

Federal Couragia MT

The off-road capabilities of the Couragia are great! These tires allow you to off-road with confidence in a wide variety of situations from rock crawling to mud bogging, the Couragia is designed to be a great all-around mud tire! One thing we do want to mention is just how much space there is between the tread blocks. While this is great for terrain ejection, it also makes the tire a bit louder than average. So if you're planning on driving down the highway with this tire, be prepared to have a bit of road noise during your journey. The Couragia can hold it's own in the performance department when compared to other mud tires but doesn't cost quite as much. 

Lifted Toyota Tacoma Federal Couragia MT



3. Verdict

We think the Federal Couragia is a fantastic bang-for-your-buck mud tire! With pricing generally staying under $1000, we definitely think that the Couragia is worth the purchase! The styling is very aggressive so if you're going for looks, it doesn't much better than this tire for the money. Performance is great off-road, as expected with a mud tire, and the large amounts of spacing mean that you can keep dirt and mud out of your tires and keep trucking through a wide variety of terrain. If you want a great all-around mud tire but don't want to break the bank, this tire is the way to go!