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Top 5 Red Wheels

August 18, 2020

Red has become a super popular finish for truck buyers for their builds. In no particular order, these are our top 5 most popular choices for wheels with a red finish. 


1. Hostile Sprocket H108 


Hostile Sprocket


The Hostile Sprocket H108 is an incredibly popular wheel with good reason. This is a bad a** wheel with a gorgeous cherry red finish and milled spoke windows. The Sprocket features exposed lug nuts and if you choose to add spiked lug nuts, this wheel will look even meaner. It is available in 20, 22, and 24-inch diameters and in many different offsets as well. If red isn't your thing you can get the Sprocket in chrome, black, or black milled. Check it out in even more photos in our gallery


Hostile Sprocket




2. Method MR305


Red Method MR305


The Method MR305 is a multi-spoke, one-piece alloy wheel. It has a simplistic design with some flare. The MR305 has 12 windows and again those exposed lug-nuts. This wheel is one of a kind in this show-stopping Custom Offset-exclusive matte-red with a matte black simulated bead-lock ring that is sure to turn heads. It comes in 17x8.5, 18x9, and 20x10-inch sizes as well as a few different offsets. Check it out in even more photos in our gallery.


Method MR305




3. TIS 544RM




Next up is the TIS 544RM in a Custom Offsets Exclusive bright candy red that you can see coming a mile away. It features an 8-spoke design and again those exposed lug-nuts. These work for the everyday truck-mod enthusiast as well as someone looking for some insane show wheels. The brand name around the rim gives this wheel a forged look but it will be at the cast wheel price point. The 544 is available in many different sizes and offsets. If this beautiful candy red isn't for you it does come in black milled, black-red, chrome, and machined black finishes. Check it out in even more photos in our gallery.






4. ARKON OFF-ROAD Crown Series Victory 




ARKON OFF-ROAD, our in-house brand, is at it again with this iconic wheel. As always with ARKON OFF-ROAD, this wheel is a proper directional (also known as true directional) wheel meaning that the wheels installed on both sides of the vehicle will mirror each other and tip in the same direction. Normally, a true directional wheel will be a forged wheel, however; at ARKON OFF-ROAD they are cast and again will be at a cast wheel price point. The Crown Series Victory comes in 22x12 with a -51 mm offset. Other than this red milled finish, the Victory comes in chrome and black milled finishes. Check it out in even more photos in our gallery.


ARKON OFF-ROAD Crown Series Victory




5. Axe Off-Road AX1.2


Axe Offroad AX1.2


The AX1.2 by Axe Off-Road is a one-piece rotary forged wheel introduced in 2018. This beauty is the candy red finish with milled spoke edges. The AX1.2 is a 9 spoke wheel with exposed lug nuts. Available in 22x12, 24x14 or 22x14 and -44 mm or -76 mm offset. Check it out in even more photos in our gallery.


Axe Off-Road AX1.2




As always you can save when you choose to get a wheel and tire package and you'll get a free mount and balance on those too.



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