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Top 5 Affordable Tires

August 31, 2020

Here are our top picks for the most affordable tires on the market. We made sure to pick the most valuable tires, taking into account the quality and the price so you get the best bang for your buck. 


1. Federal Couragia MT


Federal Couragia MT


The Federal Couragia MT tops our list, starting as low as $620 for a set. It is a big, chunky mud terrain tire made for on and off-roading. The Couragia MT is a load range E and a 10-ply tire. There are tons of spacing in the tread void and it creates  U-shaped blocks that look very aggressive. These huge voids make for great offroading tires that will get you through just about anything you encounter. Check them out in our gallery.


Federal Couragia MT




2. Kenda Klever R/T

Kenda Klever R/T


Next up is the Kenda Klever R/T, this is a hybrid tire and it looks almost like a racing tire design. The price starts as low as $788 for a set, which is a fantastic deal. It has tons of siping on the exterior wall for great traction in wet and icy conditions. This tire is suitable for on the road or off the road too. The Klever R/T is a load range F tire and is available in many various sizes for different vehicles.  Check them out in our gallery


Kenda Klever RT




3. Atturo Trail Blade XT

Atturo Trail Blade XT



The Atturo Trail Blade XT is another great affordable option. Atturo is known for their great quality at very low prices. This is also a Hybrid tire with lots of tread blocks. This is a very commonly seen tire because of the great name it has made for itself and the amazing price it is at. The Trail Blade XT starts at only $700 a set. It is a very unique looking tire, very different from many other designs you'll see. Finally, the Trail Blade XT is a load range E tire and is also available in several different sizes. Check them out in our gallery


Atturo Trail Blade XT




4. Atturo Trail Blade MT

Atturo Trail Blade MT


Again Atturo is impressing us with price and quality. So much so that they are on our list twice. This time we are talking about the Trail Blade MT which is the mud-terrain version of the Trail Blade tire. This tire will last you a long time and get great mileage. The Trail Blade MT handles very well on the road. It is a load range E tire with a Q-speed index. This is another great off-roading tire as well. Check them out in our gallery


Atturo Trail Blade MT Tire




5. Gladiator XComp MT


Gladiator XComp MT


This is one mean looking tire, it just looks like it is going to tear up some terrain. The Gladiator XComp MT has huge shoulder blocks making it look super intimidating. The XComp MT is a load range F mud-terrain tire with a Q-speed index. They start as low as $904 a set and are available in many sizes. Check them out in our gallery


Gladiator XComp MT


Like always if you package your tires with wheels you will save money on that package, get free shipping, and free mount and balance. 





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