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5 MISTAKES When Buying Wheels And Tires

September 4, 2020

Today we are running through the 5 most common mistakes people make when purchasing wheels and tires.


1. What is Fitment?




The first mistake that many people make is not knowing what fitment is or what their fitment is. Fitment is impacted by width, diameter, and offset. A more negative offset will push the tire out more, a positive offset will suck the tire in. The width will also impact that and a larger width will stick out more than a smaller width. With diameter, you just want to make sure that with your suspension the wheel and tire will fit in the vehicle without rubbing. The best place to find the best fitment for you is in our gallery. Just put your vehicle in the gallery, and it will pull up every photo we have of that same vehicle and the fitment that worked for those people. All you need to do is pick the pictures you like and it will tell you the exact fitment that person used on their vehicle. Find out more about offset on our WHAT IS OFFSET page. 




check out our gallery


2. Directional or not?




A lot of people don't understand what a true directional is. This is when both sides of your vehicle, are moving the same way and there are two different sets of wheels on each side of the vehicle. On a non-true directional wheel, on one side of the vehicle, they will swoop and on the other side of the vehicle they will dig, so they will be going in the opposite direction. Almost always you will have to get a forged wheel to get a directional wheel, and it will cost a lot of money. However, now we have created ARKON OFF-ROAD, which is our in-house wheel company. ARKON OFF-ROAD makes cast wheels that are true (or proper) directional and cost-effective. 






3. Rubbers Matter


wheels and tires


People get so excited by flashy wheels that they forget about how important tires are. These are what keep you safe when driving so you don't want to totally skimp on your tires. If this is a vehicle you are not just keeping in the garage or for shows and you actually do plan on driving it then you should get a nice tire for your safety and longevity as well. You get what you pay for with tires, cheap ones will not come with a warranty, they won't have the mileage a nice one will, and they could be loud. If you get a more expensive tire, it will have a warranty, last you longer, and will perform better all around as well to keep you safe. 


Federal Couragia




4. Metric VS. Standard




A lot of people do not understand that you can go up and down in sizing by using metrics. You can find a lot of metric/standard conversion calculators online to calculate what tire can fit your wheel instead of only assuming that you can get a 33x12 etc. This can make it even easier to get the perfect fit. 




5. Nice Package Bro




The final mistake that people make is not buying their wheels and tires as a package. If you buy them separately you will end up paying more. Here at Custom Offsets, we make wheel and tire packages that will save you money right off the bat by packaging them. They will also come mounted and balanced (which you would normally have to pay for) as well as shipped for free. Again, in the gallery, you can see exactly which wheel and tire fitment will work for your truck. 







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