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Top 5 Suspension Kits for 5th Gen Ram

September 7, 2020

If you recently purchased a 2019-2020 Ram, you may be wondering what suspension fits. First of all, congratulations on the new truck, now let's make it look and perform better than ever. Today we'll talk about our most popular suspension kits for the 5th Gen Ram so you can find one that meets al lof your needs.


1. Leveling Kit

ReadyLift Leveling Kit


First on our list is the ReadyLift 2 Inch Leveling Kit. This will give you the leveled-out look and slight lift you want for your Ram without sacrificing any mechanical components. What we mean by this is that these trucks have been proven to have issues with the upper ball joints when you install a leveling kit and ReadyLift has found a solution.

5th Gen Ram Leveling Kit

They include new tubular control arms and corrective ball joint angle cups to eliminates the worry for premature ball joint wear. Pair that with the CNC machined aluminum top mount and you get a great leveling kit for the money. Keep in mind that this leveling kit won't fit trucks equipped with factory air ride.


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2. BDS 4 Inch IFS Lift Kit Non-Air Ride


BDS 4 Inch Lift Kit


Next we have a 4-inch lift kit by BDS. This kit is a popular option at the four-inch mark, and it comes in a pair of quarter-inch-thick laser-cut, cross members designed for clearance, and mounts to the OE lower control arms. Not to mention the pair of replacement front knuckles, the skid plate to protect your driveline components, driveshafts, spacer, strut, spacer, and a whole lot more.


Lifted RAM 2500


Now in the rear, the factory coil springs are replaced with a three-inch coil spring to level out the stance of your truck. Slap the provided NX2 Nitro Series shocks on or upgrade to the Fox 2.0 shocks for better ride quality, and you are ready to rock. Unfortunately, this kit does not work on the factory air suspension trucks


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3. BDS 4 Inch Lift Air Ride


BDS 4 Inch Lift Kit with Air


The BDS 4-inch kit that works with factory air suspension trucks is designed for high clearance, for correct steering driveline geometry, so you are comfortable and don't have to worry about things breaking, as well as handling and safety. For the most part, the four-inch kit between the air and non-air trucks are very similar, but the air trucks come with steering knuckles and heavy-duty tie rods for the air ride system compatibility.


Lifted 5th Gen Ram


Also, a pair of top mounted strut spacers are supplied to allow the use of the air ride front airbag struts, along with the extremely necessary airline fittings and aluminum driveshaft spacers to lengthen the factory front driveline. Keep in mind that this kit still lets you use air ride so if you're in a driving mode that raises the Ram two inches, you'll now have a total of 6 inches of lift.


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4. ZONE Off-Road 6 Inch Lift Kit


Zone 6 Inch Lift Kit


Next is the ZONE Off-Road 6 inch Lift Kit which is not compatible with air ride trucks. Now, since Zone is the sister company of BDS, not only do you get the normal components such as crossmembers, knuckles, et cetera, you get it, we just talked about it not that long ago, you also get the same quality of the BDS products for a fraction of the cost. Six inches of lift in the front, which you get from a strut spacer plus preloaded spacer, and five inches in the rear with the coil springs.


Lifted Ram Rebel


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5. BDS 6 Inch Coilover Lift Kit


BDS 6 inch Coilover Lift


Finally, we have the 6 inch BDS Coilover Lift Kit. This will get you the most performance out of any suspension kit on this list. The coilovers allow for a much better ride when on the road while giving you the competitive advantage offroad. Not only will this kit give you a fantastic look with the remote reservoirs but it will also allow you to run up to a 37-inch tire which is absolutely insane.


Lifted Ram Rebel


BDS has their suspension setup from the factory so all you have to do is bolt it up and you're ready to hit the trails. The best part is that BDS stands by their quality and offers a 5 year / 100,000-mile warranty with this kit!


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