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Gas vs Diesel: Which is Better?

September 7, 2020

We get this question all the time and it's arguably one of the biggest arguments on the internet. Is a gas or diesel truck better? Well, today we pick 5 categories to determine which type of truck will reign supreme!


1. Durability

Lifted Ford F250

Our first category will be durability and longevity. There are many factors that play into whether or not an engine is going be durable and last a long time, but as a general rule, diesels tend to have stronger engine and transmission components to be able to handle the additional compression and torque that you get with their engines. They also have a much lower operating speed when compared to a gasoline engine which means that their engine components tend to receive a lot less wear, making the diesel the winner in this category.


2. Maintenance / Cost

Lifted Ram 1500

If you're worried about your cost to own either of these engines then pay attention to this category. Generally, gas engines are cheaper to buy and to maintain than their diesel counterparts. Diesels tend to need more oil, need more fuel filters, and for the most part, diesel parts tend to be more expensive than gas engine parts. This means that the longer you own the truck, you're going to be putting more money into the diesel making the gasoline truck the winner of this category.


3. Fuel Economy

Lifted Cummins

This category was a tough one. Diesels have always reigned supreme when it came to fuel economy in the past. However, gas engines have come a long way in terms of fuel economy putting them up there neck and neck with the diesels. That being said, if you're doing any sort of hauling or pulling, you'll definitely see better fuel economy with a diesel truck and for that reason, diesels win a point here.


4. Towing and Power

Blacked Out Cummins Ram

This one is relatively easy to judge. Yes, you can now get things like the Ram TRX that has over 700 horsepower coming out of its gasoline engine, but they still can't touch the towing capacity of diesels. Some new diesel trucks can come with around 1000 lb-ft of torque and are able to make that torque and a much lower RPM. This makes the diesel king of towing.


5. Off-Road Capability

Lifted F150 with Method Wheels

So how do each of these trucks handle off-road terrain? Well, unfortunately for the diesels, their engine weighs a lot more than their gas counterparts. This can make things incredibly difficult in really rough terrain like mud or crawling u rocks. Gas engines also give you a faster revving engine and a higher redline which is perfect for clearing up tires or picking up speed on flatter surfaces. Of course, we have to give this category to the gas trucks.



Lifted F250

In the end, the diesel scored more points than the gas. However, keep in mind that how you plan to use your truck will determine which option is truly better. If you're looking for a fun daily driver that needs to be able to handle some off-road fun and save you some money, the gas is the best option. But, if you need a workhorse to pull and haul things around reliably for a long time, check out a diesel.