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Easiest Mods for Your First Truck

September 7, 2020

If you're anything like us, you can't wait to tear into your new truck. However, you may not know what to do first. In today's blog, we'll talk about the easiest first mods to do to your new truck!


1. Exhaust System


Lifted Ford F250


First, on our list, we have an exhaust system. Now, we're not talking about taking a Sawzall to your muffler and hoping for the best as we all did in high school. We're talking about a full exhaust system from a company like MagnaFlow or Borla. These systems allow a better flow in exhaust gases which can actually give you a few extra horsepowers while making your truck sound really good. You can usually get a good quality exhaust system starting around $500 and believe us when we say it is absolutely worth the money.


2. Lighting


Recon Tail Lights


Next, we have lighting and by lighting, we're specifically talking about headlights and tail lights. Not only do aftermarket lights usually look way better than your factory setup, but they also provide a functional difference as your new headlights will be able to disperse the light better giving you more visibility and range. The aftermarket tail lights will be brighter than your factory ones, give you less of a chance to get rear-ended in an abrupt stop.


Raptor with Recon Lighting Tail Lights


Did you know we actually carry aftermarket lighting? We offer Recon lighting products that are super high quality, look really good, and are priced very well. Check them out with the button below!


Shop Lighting


3. Flash Tuning


Lifted F250 with American Force Wheels


This one is pretty popular with diesel trucks but a lot of gas owners tend to forget about it. A flash tune can be had for a few hundred bucks and give your truck more power and, in some cases, better fuel economy by changing the air and fuel mixture along with other small efficiency changes to make your truck perform better and faster. A lot of the time you can get one of these tunes right off the shelf and have it ready to go in a few minutes. This is a great way to get some extra power out of your truck.


4. Bumpers


F150 Raptor with ADD Bumper


Definitely not the cheapest option on this list but maybe one of the best mods overall, we have aftermarket bumpers. Companies like ADD Offroad and Rough Country offer extremely durable, aggressive front bumpers that not only completely change the way your truck looks but also adds quite a bit of functionality by giving you the better ground clearance and the ability to run larger tires without excessive trimming. Some of their options even come with LED lights to give you extra visibility at night.


Shop Bumpers


5. Wheels and Tires


Ram 1500 Leveling Kit


We've saved the best for last and we're sure you saw this one coming. Wheels and tires are by far the best mod you can do for your truck. Getting a new set of wheels can transform the way your truck looks and performs while pairing them with tires can save you tons of money and get you the most possible bang-for-your-buck performance. Plus, our wheel and tire packages ship free right to your door already mounted and balanced. If you're looking to make your truck look night and day different and give it the most possible performance, you can't go wrong with a new set of wheels and tires.


Shop Wheels



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