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Custom Offsets Exclusive Finishes!

September 15, 2020

It's always exciting when companies collaborate to create something unique! Today, we'll share with you a couple of wheels that offer exclusive finishes that you can only get through Custom Offsets! Rolling up with either of these wheels at any truck show will be sure to break necks and draw a ton of attention to your build!


1. TIS 544RM




The TIS 544 is already a huge player in the show truck scene thanks to its wild spoke design and incredible attention to detail. But it gets even better because we now offer an exclusive Red Milled finish only available through Custom Offsets! This new red finish keeps a black inner barely and silver milling around all of the spokes making the wheel have a three-part colorway. This gives the 544 a much deeper and more intricate design that highlights just how crazy the wheel design really is. 


Ford Raptor TIS Red Wheels


You can get the TIS 544RM in diameters ranging from 20 to 26 inches along with 12 and 14-inch widths. Pricing is dependant on size but you can expect to pay somewhere in the neighborhood of $1500 for a set of four which is an absolute bargain considering the exclusivity of these wheels.


Ford F150 Red TIS Wheels


Get the 544RM


2. Hostile Sprocket H108 Red


Hostile Sprocket H108 Red


Hostile has been killing the wheel game for quite some time which is why we're so excited to offer an exclusive Custom Offsets red finish for one of their most popular wheels, the Sprocket H108! The red finish keeps the beautiful milling around all of the windows while giving a really high-class look to the Sprocket that would perfectly compliment a show truck. You can get the Red Hostile Sprocket in either a 20x12 or 22x12 size, both with a -44 offset that gives a massive lip.


Hostile Sprocket Red F150


Pricing for the 20x12 sits around $1750 while the 22x12 comes in a little higher due to the increased size at just under $2000. Hurry up and grab these bad boys before they're gone!


Get the H108!



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