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Why Buy Directional Wheels?

September 14, 2020

We get asked a lot about what true directional means. Today we are here to answer those questions and tell you why you need a directional wheel. 


What is a Directional Wheel?


A directional wheel will have curved spokes or angle spokes so that they will always look like they are going in a certain direction. There can be a styled directional that has a directional design but is not a true directional and then there is a true directional. A true directional wheel is a wheel that will face the same direction wherever you look on the truck. With most they will only be made with one mold so on one side they will tip forwards which is called digging and on the other side they will tip backward and that is called swooping. When you get a directional wheel they will make two separate molds for both sides of the truck, this way all of the wheels will be tipping one way. The traditional way to have them tip would be to make all of them swoop or tip backward.  


DIrectional Wheel


Why Get Directional Wheels?


You want a directional wheel first of all because they look better. A true directional wheel was only ever available in a forged wheel before ARKON OFF-ROAD. Directional wheels are incredibly expensive and they are a status symbol of a high-quality forged wheel. When people see a directional wheel they know it was expensive and that it is a nice wheel. It also gives a really seamless flow to the build. 


Directional Wheel



Our Favorite Directional Wheels



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