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What is the Best Tire for You?

September 21, 2020

Today we will be running through different types of tires so that you can make the decision of which type of tire is best for you. 


Street Tire


street tireStreet Tire


The street tire will be your most budget-friendly option. It will also generally be able to haul more than these other tire options. This is the least aggressive tire option. Many will tend to use these at drag strips or on very high horsepower trucks and on their daily commuters. These are considered a summer tire, they aren't well equipped for any weather mishaps or rain. They certainly aren't equipped for snow. They will have almost no sidewall design which actually gives them a very unique look. 


Street Tire

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All TerrainAll Terrain


Next up is the all-terrain tire, these are slightly more expensive than a street tire but slightly less expensive than a mud tire. These will also have a really great load capacity for hauling as well. These are a good daily driver tire, and they can handle some rain but are not equipped for snow. These are also not very aggressive and won't really have a sidewall design either so they aren't made for any sort of off-road excursion. They won't turn heads but in the right scenario, they will get the job done as they are a very practical tire and are especially great for a daily driver or someone needing to haul. 


All Terrain

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mud tiremud tire


Now we have the mud-terrain tire. A big favorite for us. These are the meanest looking tire, they have incredibly aggressive sidewalls. They just look gnarly. These are the most expensive tire option for you. They will get you out of any sticky situation you find yourself in off-pavement and are great for difficult weather. The downfalls to these great looking tires are that they are loud on the road, and they don't have the hauling capability of the first two types of tires. This is why you need to take each type of tire into account for your needs, wants, and budget. 


mud tire

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Hybrid Tire


Hybrid Tirehybrid tire


Finally, we have the tried and true hybrid tire. This is the happy medium between the mud tire and the all-terrain tire. It will be right in the middle for those two types of tires. It is cheaper than a mud tire and slightly more expensive than an all-terrain tire. It can haul more than a mud tire but less than an all-terrain tire. They have a great mix of grip and siping which makes them ideal for off-roading and poor weather conditions. They don't look as aggressive as a mud tire but they still look pretty good on a truck. They are usually very quiet on the road as well. They can go from off-roading, to rock climbing, to daily driving and that is why they have become so insanely popular. 


hybrid tire

See more photos in our gallery. 





Hopefully, after reading this, you have a clear idea of what kind of tire will be best for you, your lifestyle, and your truck. 



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