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Read This Before Lifting Your Truck

November 10, 2020

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Whether you just go your first truck and have decided to put a lift kit in or you just want to try out a lift kit for the first time on your truck; we are here to run you through what to expect. So... Don't lift your truck 

before reading this guide below. 




Table of Contents

1. What to Expect

2. Summary

3. Most Popular Lift Kits


What to Expect


lifted truck

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First things first, things will wear faster than normal. Expect to be doing new ball joints and wheel bearings, if you have an older vehicle you should do this before you even put on the lift kit. You will also start to hear new noises as other things are going to start showing their age a lot faster too.

On top of all of this, you will also burn through fuel faster as well. The breaking and acceleration will also be inhibited when putting in a lift kit. To combat that you can get bigger brakes. If you have a new vehicle, you can expect the dealership to not be very happy with you for making the decision to lift your new truck. However; this does not void your warranty.


Lifted Truck


As far as what to expect if you are installing the lift kit yourself, we say that it is about a 6/10 for difficulty if you are mechanically inclined. It will be about a 2-weekend job if you are on the ground putting it in yourself. The cutting is going to be the most intimidating part.

In the end, what you can expect is a good looking truck with a lot of character. If you want to build a truck we highly recommend it, but you should be aware of the repercussions when you do choose to lift it. Be ready to spend some money, but it will be a fun ride, and your truck will look great in the end, and we hope you end up feeling really great about it. 


Lift Kit

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To Sum it Up Here is What to Expect:

  • Get new ball joints and wheel bearings
  • Things will wear faster
  • New sounds
  • Fewer miles per gallon
  • Lots of money going into your truck
  • Slower breaking
  • Slower acceleration
  • 6/10 difficulty to put it in yourself
  • A great looking truck
  • More ground clearance


Lifted truck

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Most Popular Lift Kits

  1. McGaughys 7-9" Premium Silver Lift Kit for 2014-2018 GM Truck 1500 w/ Stamped Steel or Aluminum Arms (4WD)

  2. Rough Country 6" GM NTD Suspension Lift Kit (99-06 1500 PU 4WD)  
  3. McGaughys 7-9" Premium Silver Lift Kit for 2007-2013 GM Truck 1500 (4WD)



Shop SUspension Here


We hope that this gave you a real understanding of what to expect when you lift your truck. Be aware of the problems that may arise and the realistic amount of money that you will be spending. In many ways, the performance can be improved for off-road or performance applications with a lift. On top of that, you will have a truck that is customized and looks better than everyone else’s on the road. 



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