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Top 5 Black Wheels

September 25, 2020

Black is obviously the most common wheel finish, it works on every color and every type of vehicle. You can't go wrong. But there are so many black wheels out there, which one do you go with? We are here to help. 


1. TIS 544BM


TIS 544BM Black Milled


Starting off our list with the most show-oriented wheel, we have the TIS 544BM. This is a wild design that has incredible attention to detail. The spokes have a jagged, directional design with milling around every open accent. TIS also designed the 544 to have a large center cap and exposed lugs making it a perfect candidate for a set of spiked lug nuts to match the aggressive styling. Finally, you can see TIS OFFROAD engraved around the lip of the wheel adding an extra sense of luxury.



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Check Out the 544BM!



2. Moto Metal MO962


Moto Metal MO962


Moto Metal has become one of the top brands we offer and the MO962 is definitely one of their more popular designs so it's no surprise it found its way to our list. This is a more smooth and simple design than the previous wheel. It's a fatty, eight-spoke design that has very rectangular spokes without a ton of milled accents. The center cap is large and prominent while the only other things that stick out are the rivets along the outer lip. This is a wheel that can look really good with a very negative offset and we'd bet that's one of the reasons the MO962 has been so popular.


Moto Metal MO962 on Ford F150

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3. Motiv Offroad Magnus

Motiv Offroad Magnus


If you're looking for more of a mesh style wheel, this is the wheel for you. The Motiv Offroad Magnus is an 8-spoke, one-piece, alloy wheel with 8 spokes. It is available in a 20 inch or 22-inch diameter and 9, 10, or 12-inch widths.  You can get it in -44, -25, -12, or +18 mm offsets and many bolt patterns to fit your truck. It is only available in the black finish and it costs as low as $796. It is a really good looking wheel to enhance the look of your truck without being too in your face. Motiv Offroad is known for its clean designs and minimalist detail. 



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The ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln is not a surprise on this list. This iconic wheel has made it on so many of our top lists, its success speaks for itself. It is just a great looking wheel. The Lincoln will upgrade the look of a truck immediately. It is an 8-spoke, one-piece, alloy wheel with exposed lug nuts. The spokes are chunky and the windows are large, it has a simple but very refined look. The Lincoln is a proper directional, we explain what that is in our Why Buy Directional Wheels? Blog so be sure to go check that out. ARKON OFF-ROAD is our in-house wheel brand and we put so much time and energy into each wheel, there is so much thought and care behind each one. The response to these wheels has been so positive and again their look and quality speak for themselves. 



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5. Ultra Hunter


Ultra Hunter Black


The Ultra Hunter is another off-road style wheel. It is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 8 spokes and exposed lug nuts. The spokes make a really nice geometrical design. It is available in satin black, gloss black, and chrome finishes. The most popular finish is the gloss black seen above. Ultra a renowned for its excellent craftsmanship, and the use of the highest quality materials. They believe in creating wheels that are durable, have precise fitment, and that are stylish. The Hunter is available for as low as $672 a set. 



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Best of luck picking the best possible black wheel or your truck! You can't go wrong with any of these picks. 



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