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Why the Cateye Silverado is so Great

September 28, 2020

If you're even relatively familiar with the truck scene, then you've definitely come across a Cateye Silverado at some point because they're so popular. We've got a lot of questions asking why this generation of Silverado is so popular so today we decided to answer your questions and dive into what makes the Cateye so great.

Cateye Silverado LiftedLifted Cateye Chevy

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When we talk about the Cateye generation of the Silverado, we're talking about the year range of 2003 - 2006 and the 2007 Classic. To many enthusiasts, this is the most aggressive generation of the Silverado because of their angry looking front end. This style is so sought after because, quite frankly, it can look good no matter what mods you throw on it. It will fit the style of an offroad build, show build, or even a lowered street build. That can't be said for a lot of different trucks on the market.


Lowered Cateye ChevyLowered Cateye Silverado

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The Cateye doesn't seem to age either. I mean, this truck is at least 13 years old and still looks good when parked to brand new trucks.

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When it comes to engines, this generation of Silverado was produced before the displacement on demand technology was introduced into GM's V8 engines making these motors reliable and cheap to work on especially since they threw the 5.3L in a ton of other platforms. If you're into the heavy duty trucks, the cateye offers the 6.0L gas V8 or the famed LBZ diesel engine that is by far the most sought after version of the Silverado. The LBZ is known for its strength and reliability paired with the pre-emissions engineering making it perfect for a workhorse or a powerhouse.

Blacked Out CateyeBlacked Out Cateye Silverado

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If you're looking to pick up one of these trucks, watch out for rust, especially if you're from a place that gets a lot of snow, like us. You can usually find a decent Silverado 1500 for under $10,000. If you're looking for an HD gasser, expect to be around the $15,000 mark. If you want the best of the best and are itching to get into the diesel scene, get ready to break out the wallet because we've seen these things listed for upwards of $25,000 which is pretty insane for a truck of this age. Thanks, bro tax. 


Overall, the Cateye has earned a reputation for being the most sought after Silverado and we think it's well deserved. If you can get your hands on a clean, low mileage example, definitely scoop one up because no matter what you decide to do to it, it will most likely come out looking awesome. We have plenty of wheels, tires, and suspension available for this platform so if you did just pick one up, you can build it all in one place and get it shipped right to your door. 

Lifted Silverado Cateye Show TruckCateye Show Truck

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