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Top 5 GM Lift Kits

September 28, 2020

We get asked all the time what the best lift for your truck is. So you are in luck today if you have a 2019 or 2020 GM 1500 because we are running through the top 5 GM lift kits today. 


1. ProRyde Leveling Kit




This leveling kit has an adjustable front ride height with the choices of 0.875 inches, 1.25 inches, and 1.75 inches. Ride height adjustments are simply accessed at the bottom strut mount. Some of the features of this leveling kit are that it is lightweight and high strength because it is made from aluminum. It also allows fender clearance for bigger wheel and tire combinations, it is a great price, it will give your truck a moderate lifted appearance, it is parking ramp safe, it does not require replacement of any OEM components, it retains original OE ride quality and driving comfort and it is removable if you ever choose to do that. The ProRyde Leveling Kit also comes with a lifetime warranty. 



Shop the ProRyde Leveling Kit


2. ReadyLift 4-Inch Lift Kit



Up next is the ReadyLift 4-inch lift kit. With the success of this kit for the 2018 GM 1500 trucks, they decided to continue it. This kit provides a 4-inch lift in the front and a 3-inch lift in the rear for a level but lifted stance. This is a no-cut, no-weld kit making it easy for anyone to install themselves. It has an adjusted, heavy-duty ball-joint. This kit is under $1,000 and is a great quality kit, making it a great choice. It will give you enough lift to get some new wheels and tires to fit and give it a nice look without being a huge lift for those that aren't looking for anything too big. 



Check out more photos in our gallery




3. 4-Inch BDS Lift Kit




This kit has a drop cross member differential drop, making it different from the ReadyLift kit. This will help with performance and longevity and offer improved off-roading capabilities. We all know that BDS has unmatched quality and it doesn't stop here. This kit also comes with a skid plate, and knuckles to maintain the proper steering geometry but still allowing a wide range of fitment options. This lift will be more difficult than the ReadyLift to install too. 



Check out more photos in our gallery


shop the bds 4-inch lift


4. 6-Inch BDS Lift Kit




BDS is well-known for its 6-inch lifts. The BDS no fine print, 5-year, 100,000-mile warranty applies for all of their kits which is awesome. This kit is great because it provides a really comfortable ride on-road and really great performance off-road. Again, this will be a more difficult installation. 



Check out more photos in our gallery


shop the BDS 6-inch lift


5. McGaughys 7-10 Inch Lift Kit




Our most popular big boy kit, you can get a ton of lift and you can customize it to be anywhere from 7-10 inches. This one has a whopping price tag of $2,700 but it is worth every penny. It has the high quality you come to expect of McGaughys and it comes with a ton of awesome components. Some of the components included are spindles, front cross-member, rear cross-member, compression struts, compression strut brackets, lift blocks, u-bolts with hardware, shock extenders, adjustable front struts, rear shocks, tie rod ends, all necessary brake one brackets, differential drop brackets, passenger side diff drops brace, sway bar drop brackets, front driveline, skid plate, stackable leaf spring shims, leaf spring center bolts, rear bump stops. McGaughys always not only has incredible performance but they always keep styling in mind on top of performance so that your vehicle will not only drive nice but also look nicer. 



Check out more photos in our gallery. 




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