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Most Popular Axe Offroad Wheels

October 1, 2020

Axe Offroad has created some of the most aggressive and beautiful truck wheels for quite some time now and we're happy to announce that right now, for a limited time, you can get up to $200 off a set of 20 inches or bigger Axe Offroad wheels only through us! If you're unfamiliar with the Axe Offroad brand, don't worry! Because today we're going to look at their 3 most popular wheels that offer over at least a 20-inch diameter so you can build the ultimate truck and save the most money in the process!

1. Nemesis

AXE Offroad Nemesis

Get the Nemesis

First on the list is the Nemesis

Now if the name alone doesn't demand your attention enough, just look at this wheel. It's a directionally designed wheel that forms almost like a star pattern with the spokes. Speaking of spokes, these are designed incredibly thin which actually makes the wheel look even crazier. Everything about the Nemesis screams high class and attention to detail. The milling is beautiful and the way the center of the wheel is designed shows so much detail. You can get the Nemesis in Chrome or Black Milled finishes and both look absolutely insane!

Axe Offroad Nemesis Ram

2. Artemis

AXE Offroad Artemis

GET THE Artemis

Maybe you're looking for a less-busy design. The Axe Offroad Artemis might be more suited to your build and your style. This is an 8-spoke wheel with a deep lip and is a much cleaner, more simple design. What's really cool about this design is that the center of each spoke is recessed and actually makes a step up on the outer edges. The spokes also seem to melt towards the back of the wheel as they reach the barrel which makes the Artemis look a lot deeper. You can get this wheel in Satin Black, Black Milled, or Chrome finishes so there should be one to fit any color palette on your build.

Axe offroad Artemis GMC Sierra

3. AX6.0

AXE Offroad AX6.0


Last but not least we have the AX6.0. This wheel has a similar design to the Nemesis but instead of having a harsh bend to the spokes, the AX6.0 has a slightly more straight spoke design that almost resembles a mesh style wheel. In this particular finish, you can see just how much milling is on this wheel, and pairing it with the rivets on the outer lip makes the black portions pop even more. This is such a cool looking wheel that is simple in its overall design but gets way more detailed the more time you spend looking at it. You can only get the AXE Offroad AX6.0 in the black milled finish and we definitely are not complaining.

Axe Offroad Lifted F150