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How to Get A Free Build?!

October 9, 2020



A really cool thing that we are able to do here is giveaways with real companies. Right now you have the opportunity to win a free full build set. This will include wheels from ARKON OFF-ROAD, Superlift Suspension, and Mickey Thompson tires. And below we are going to tell you how you can win those.





How to Enter




It is super easy for you to enter this giveaway. All that you need to do is buy the apparel for the giveaway. We are selling a really cool, unisex black t-shirt. This is a limited edition t-shirt that is vintage-inspired. You can buy as many of these as you want but you will only get one entry per person. The giveaway will end on October 28th, 2020 and we will randomly pick one of the entries from the purchases on October 30th, 2020. The one entry that we pick will get the free full build, shipped right to their door.




get the shirt here


Proceeds to a Great Cause

Along with every purchase getting you entries into the giveaway, we will also be donating a portion of every giveaway purchase to Motorcycle Missions. Motorcycle Missions is a foundation that supports veterans and wants to help ease the pain of PTSD. They work to get veterans out and on the road on motorcycles as a form of therapy. This gives veterans suffering from PTSD purpose, camaraderie, and adrenaline. Their hope is to encourage their participants to instill a life-long passion for riding and building motorcycles, that will help them enjoy a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle after trauma. We have already raised $5,683 and counting on our giveaway. You can also choose to donate more when you purchase your giveaway apparel items.


donate here





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