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Read This Before Buying a Body Lift

November 17, 2020



 Listen, we've all been there. You're on the Custom Offsets website, browsing lift kits for your truck. You enter your year of make and model and dive headfirst into all of the wonderful lift kit options that we have available when suddenly, you find it, the body lift. It's 250 bucks, it gives you three inches of lift and it seems like a no-brainer, right? But is it too good to be true? 





Table of Content

  1. What is a Body Lift?

  2. Why Do We Dislike Body Lifts?

  3. Should You Get a Body Lift? 

  4. Shop Suspension




What is a Body Lift?


We're gonna be stacking them up and find out just why we hate aftermarket body lifts today. All right, let's dive right into this. What exactly is a body lift? If you're not familiar with them, it is exactly what the name suggests. It's a lift kit, which utilizes spacers or bushings to lift the body of the truck up off the frame. This is the opposite of a suspension lift of course, which is going to adjust or replace the factory suspension components to actually lift the vehicle. 


body lift


Why Do We Dislike Body Lifts?


So with all of that being said, why do we dislike body lifts so much? And well honestly, there are a few reasons actually. The biggest factor for us is that body lift stretch factory components of your truck passed what they were designed for.

We're talking components like wiring harnesses in your steering column, which were designed at a proper length from the factory for the body height of the truck. This is increasingly more important the newer the truck is as today's trucks come with more sensors and more harnesses than ever before. 


body lift


Additionally, two or three inches of clearance gained by adding a body lift means that every harness between the body and the frame needs to have enough slack to make up that difference. This can oftentimes be problematic as it causes wire harnesses and connectors to pull apart or stretch out as well as the steering joints to be put at awkward angles that could cause a bine.

However, not a huge deal if you have an older truck, is generally you're gonna have less wiring than something newer.


body lift


 Another thing to mention with body lifts is that because you're putting a spacer between the frame of the truck and the body of the truck, you're gonna be able to see that. Body lifts do create this kinda weird visible gap in the vehicle.

Additionally, if you have factory cutouts for your exhaust tips, there's a good chance that the body lift will raise the bumpers up, but, your exhaust tips are gonna stay at the same location meaning, you're gonna have this weird gap between the exhaust tips and the cutouts.


 body lift


On the flip side, let's say your body lift does not move the bumpers, now you have this weird gap between the body of the truck and the bumpers. In either situation, not super ideal. I know what you're saying, it’s much cheaper than a suspension lift kit. Listen, here's the thing, it's only 300 bucks, but body lifts are actually significantly more expensive to install than a suspension lift kit.


body lift


 Let’s break it down real quick. Remember, a body lift is basically a spacer that sits between the frame and the body of the vehicle. The only way to get that spacer into that space is to lift the entire body of the vehicle off the frame and install the spacer. On newer trucks, it's not so bad, but if your truck is rusted, you're bound to break something on the truck.


Should You Get a Body Lift?


 Sure, you could do it yourself, probably save a few bucks but you're gonna need means to get the body separated from the frame of the truck. Now, before someone says it, I know we have them on the website, and if your heart is dead set on a body lift, we'll certainly sell it to you. I mean, at the end of the day, I'm not your dad. You can do whatever you want. Do you have a clean, pre-OBD truck that you're looking to pick up an inch or two of clearance? A body lift might be an all right option for you. 




In most cases, however, you're gonna see us recommend going with a suspension lift kit. So just do it. The updated components and the new suspension geometry is almost always a better option for lifting your truck and, you can get about the same lift kit for about the same price. Either way, you can check out all of our lift options for your truck at customoffsets.com.


body lift


Shop Suspension


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