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Who is Wicked MFG Suspension?

Author: Alexi Rafferty

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Alexi Rafferty

Alexi is a Copywriter at Enthusiast Enterprises, she got her degree in Marketing at UW-Stout. She drives a lifted 2008 Toyota Tacoma and a 2007 Nissan 350Z. If she isn't at work or in the garage you can find her binge-watching Netflix shows with a glass of wine and her dog Sox. Buying and modifying vehicles started as a fun, family activity and now it has consumed her life and her wallet.

December 22, 2020

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Wicked Manufacturing is based in Naples, Florida. Wicked creates incredibly high-quality products for off-road applications. They offer a wide variety of Aftermarket Lift Kits and Leveling Kits and the company prides itself on maintaining a family culture not only within their company but with their customers. 

We were lucky enough to talk with one of the owners of Wicked MFG, Jordan Tadysak. Jordan was kind enough to let us ask a couple of questions and answered them for us.





Table of Contents

1. What is Your Company History? How, and Where Did You Get Started?

2. What Materials Are the Kits Made Out of?

3. Why Should I Pay for Wicked MFG Instead of Getting Something Cheaper?

4. Most Popular Wicked MFG Products


Wicked MFG Logo


Q1: What is Your Company History? How, and Where Did You Get Started?


A1: Wicked MFG or Wicked Suspension started in 2015, as a branch of Wicked Customs which started in 2006. Wicked Suspension started with one goal, greatness.


Wicked MFG Suspension


We want to conquer the suspension lift industry with quality parts, original designs, incredible welding, symbolized branding, and self-sufficiency. We haven’t achieved some of those goals, but we are currently working hard & striving for greatness as we build the world’s strongest and most innovative truck accessories.


Photos of WIcked MFG Suspension


Q2: What Materials Are the Kits Made Out of?


A2: Wicked Suspension is proud to use raw materials that are American made, such as steel plate, polyurethane products, Heim Joints, DOM pipe & Aluminum.


Shop Wicked MFG Suspension


A large majority of our manufacturing equipment was made in the USA as well.




Wicked MFG Suspension


Q3: Why Should I Pay for Wicked MFG Instead of Getting Something Cheaper?


A3: Wicked Suspension is 10 people consisting of men and women, ranging from 21 years old to 72 years old, led & founded by Jordan & Brittany Tadysak. Every person in our company is passionate about the suspension lift & truck industry, every part we manufacture is part of our legacy.

This passion cannot be compared with or made in a factory somewhere. When you decide to purchase a Wicked Suspension product, you’re not only buying a superior product that you are confident will keep you and your family safe, you’re buying from a company that wants and cares about your business, pre and post-sale.


Wicked MFG


We are grateful that you wanted one of our products over everything else that this incredible industry offers. I believe pride is what the difference is between us and everyone else, regardless of our materials choices, our equipment, or our cosmetic designs. Every single weld & every single W, you know who made it, right here in Naples Florida, that is by far our biggest incentive.


Wicked MFG Lift


Most Popular Wicked MFG Products

1. 3-Inch Leveling Kit 2017-2020 Ford F150

2. 4-Inch Premium Lift Kit 2019+ Ram 2500

3. 8-inch Suspension Lift Kit '17-'20 Ford F-250/350


Wicked MFG Photos


Thank you again to Wicked MFG for chatting with us. Their high-quality suspension products push the limits, getting bigger and bigger. We have nothing but great things to say about them and we cannot wait to see where they go from here. 







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