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The Hottest Truck Wheels of 2021?!

Author: Sterling Feathers

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Sterling Feathers

Sterling was born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and has had a massive passion for cars since he could talk. He studied Business Administration at Ferris State University hoping to run his own car dealership one day. As time went on, Sterling began writing car reviews on his own website until he found his home with us as our first Copywriter! He loves everything about the car culture and was Vice President of the motorsports club during his time at Ferris. Sterling enjoys going to every car show and meet possible, attending autocross events, and going for long road cruises with other members in the car scene. He currently drives a 2016 Volkswagen GTI with a stage 2 tune, downpipe, BC Racing coilovers, and a set of Artisa ArtFormed Elders.

February 15, 2021

Since 2013, Custom Offsets has been challenging the status quo of what it means to be an enthusiast. We started by launching the world's largest Fitment gallery, helping thousands of enthusiasts find the perfect wheel and tire package by answering the ever-important questions of “What wheels fit my truck?”, “How much trimming am I going to need to do?” And of course, How will this wheel and tire package look on my Truck? Since the beginning, our gallery has grown to over 70,000 vehicles and continues to grow to this day. But we didn’t stop there.


The Hottest Wheel Company of 2021!


Anthem Viper on Ford F150


As we continued to see a growing demand in the market for advice, product reviews, and information from real truck owners just like you, we started our YouTube channel. Over the last 7 years and with all of your help, this channel has grown to over 450 thousand subscribers creating what we like to call the Custom Offsets Family. But we didn’t stop there.


Jeep with Anthem Wheels


Over the years, you guys told us that you wanted to see something different in the aftermarket wheel game. You told us that you wanted a product that looked great both on the street and at a show. You asked us for a wheel that came in the big, show sizes while still remaining attainable for every build. You asked us for a wheel that offered the advantage of a true directional design without the additional cost of a forged wheel.


Nissan Titan with Anthem Wheels


You asked, and we answered. Launching in 2017, We fulfilled these needs by announcing our very own show wheel brand, ARKON OFF-ROAD. ARKON OFF-ROAD took the market by storm and redefined what it meant to be a wheel brand in today's market. But we didn’t stop there either. 


Anthem Wheels on RAM 2500


Over the last few years, we have again heard the Custom Offsets family asking us for something different. We’ve seen the comments, the questions, and the feedback. You guys have asked us for a wheel that’s functional. A wheel that’s made for those of us who choose to use their truck. The tradesman, the loyal, and the outdoorsman. You asked us for a wheel that was made for work AND play, and dare we say, a wheel built for life outdoors.

We listened. 


Lifted Tundra with Anthem Wheels


Today it is our pleasure to announce to you the official partnership between Anthem Off-Road and Custom Offsets. With this partnership, Custom Offsets will again be challenging the status quo of what it means to be a truck enthusiast in today's market.


Anthem Off-Road Wheels Logo


Anthem Off-Road has long been an established wheel company with a rich history of loyalty, dependability, and reliability. This wheel company has stood the test of time, providing a product built for those of you who are more than just a day job. Anthem Off-Road provides wheels for the working class, for the great tradesmen and women of this country, and for those of you who believe in being a part of this great nation.

Silverado with Anthem Off-Road Wheels

They offer wheels in a variety of sizes from the functional 17” off-road inspired Viper all the way up to the work hard play hard 20x12 designs of the Equalizer, Intimidator, and Liberty.


See All Anthem Wheels Here


At the core of Anthem Off-Road are ideals that we also hold true: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. For this reason, Anthem Off-Road was the ideal choice when it came to filling this unique void in our product offerings, and we couldn’t be happier to share their story with you today. 


Anthem Off-Road Gunner


Based on the idea of letting the enthusiasts lead the designs and offer what people truly wanted, Anthem Off-Road has had a focus on what they call their Wheel Democracy. Allowing designs to be influenced by the community and working with what people want, Anthem created unique wheels that entered the market.


Ram with Anthem Wheels


8 years is a lot of time to develop, and Anthem has progressed into the beast it is today. We are excited to share a few of the stories behind some of the most iconic Anthem Off-Road designs with you:

Check Out Anthem Off-Road


The Anthem Equalizer

Cateye with Anthem Wheels

One of the oldest models in the Anthem Off-Road line up, the Equalizer is the tried and true model that’s been proven to stand the test of time.

This wheel is a one-piece, alloy wheel with 7 spokes. It is offered in various offsets for different looks. You can get it in matte black, black milled, gloss black, and black-gray finishes. 


Anthem Equalizer


The Equalizer comes in 18-20” diameters, 9-12” widths, -44 through 0mm offsets, and a bunch of bolt patterns. The most common choice is the 20x12” -44mm in the black milled for $1,148. You can get a set for as low as $848 for the 18x9” 0mm in the gloss black and the 18x9” -12mm matte black finish. 

Check Out the Equalizer Here!


The Anthem Viper

Anthem Off-Road Viper

Based on the turbines from the F16V US Air Force fighter jet, this is the first full-face design from Anthem Off-Road and offers a unique look into what they are now presenting on their new models. And of course, Anthem’s respect to our military shines through in the name and theme of this wheel, something that Custom Offsets also stands strongly behind. 


Anthem Viper F150


The Viper is available in 17-20” diameters, 8.5-10” widths, and -18mm through 0mm offsets and many bolt patterns. The best selling option is the 20x10 -18mm in the gloss black finish. Finally, the most affordable sets are $748 for the 17x8.5 0mm in the gloss and satin black finishes. 

Check Out the Viper Here!


The Anthem Liberty

Anthem Liberty

Built around the belief that all people have unalienable rights including life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, Anthem Off-Road comes through again with their iconic themed wheels and brings you maybe one of the most American wheels you could ever want. Period.


Anthem Liberty F150


The Anthem Off-Road Liberty features a unique 12-spoke concave design. It is offered in gloss black or satin black finishes. The Liberty is a one-piece, alloy wheel with a debossed Anthem Off-Road logo on the face of the wheel.

The Liberty is offered in 17-20” diameters, 8.5-12” widths, and -44 through +18 mm offers with tons of bolt pattern options. The most popular choice is 20x12” -44 in satin black $1,196/ set. You can grab a set for as low as $828 for the 17x8.5” 0mm in satin black.

Check Out the Liberty Here


The Anthem Off-Road story is more than just words on a page. It’s more than a story of durability, patriotism, or hard work. Anthem Off-Road is a brand BUILT for life outdoors, and we are here to share in their story...


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