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What Fits My Chevy Colorado?

May 21, 2021

In terms of mid-size pickup trucks, the Chevy Colorado is an easy choice for a wide variety of reasons including solid gas mileage, ride and handling, overall reliability, and its visual appeal. The hard part comes into play now that you may be ready to start your dream build. It may sound exciting, and it is, but it can also be a lot of work trying to figure out what mods fit on your truck. We’ve created this Chevy Colorado fitment guide to help you through the process and guarantee your build will be badass once you’re done.

2020 Chevrolet Colorado Aggressive > 1

This guide will help you figure out popular wheel and tire sizes for your second-generation Chevy Colorado (between the years of 2015-present), whether you’re running a leveling kit, 3-inch lift kit, or a 6-inch lift kit. Also, check out our gallery to see even more fitment options.



Table of Contents

  1. Recommended Chevy Colorado Fitment 

  2. What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a Leveling Kit?

  3. What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a 3-Inch Lift Kit?

  4. What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a 6-Inch Lift Kit?

  5. Building Your Chevy Colorado

Recommended Chevy Colorado Fitment

To start off, take a look at the recommended wheel fitment specs for the second-generation Chevy Colorado:

  • Diameter: 16” to 26”

  • Width: 7” to 10”

  • Offset: -22mm to 55mm

  • Bolt Pattern: 6x120mm (6x4.72”)

While this may be the recommended offset to prevent from having handling and cornering issues, remember that the more lifted the truck is, the more common it may be to see someone running a more aggressive offset of their truck. It will enhance that big, lifted look owners with a 6-inch lift may be trying to achieve.

Chevy Colorado

What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a Leveling Kit?

Because of its common use for functionality, a leveling kit is probably the most popular option for this truck. Also, people are drawn to this model in the first place because they’re looking for something smaller than a full-sized Silverado. Owners of the Colorado place value in having on-road manners and off-road performance at the same time.

Lift kit vs. Leveling Kit

So if you’re running a leveling kit, here are common wheel and tire specs other owners have.

Common wheel sizes for this truck that’s running a leveling kit include:

  • 17x8.5

  • 18x9

  • 20x10

For the most part, it isn’t that common to run a huge wheel with a leveling kit with this truck because a lot of Colorado owners want to put on a thicker mud or all-terrain tire for either an aggressive look or extra grip off-road. Too big of a wheel will cause a lot of rubbing and trouble turning once the tire goes on. 

Common tire sizes on a leveling kit based on wheel size: 

  • Wheel: 17x8.5 Tire: 265/65 or 265/70 

  • Wheel: 18x9 Tire: 275/65 or 275/70

  • Wheel: 20x10 Tire: 275/55 or 285/65

Chevy Colorado

Build Details for This 2021 Chevy Colorado

What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a 3-Inch Lift Kit?

If you want to add extra height to your build, you may decide you want to go with a 3-inch lift kit for extra ground clearance, more off-road capabilities, or to make room for some bigger tires to enhance the look.

 Whatever you’re reasoning is behind it, here are common wheel and tire specs from Chevy Colorado owners running a 3-inch lift.

Common wheel sizes for this truck that’s running a 3-inch lift include:

  • 17x9

  • 18x9

  • 20x10

  • 20x12

Depending on what style you’re going for in terms of tires, it’s possible you will experience some rubbing or need minor trimming done in order to accommodate a beefier tire. This usually will only be the case once you start playing around with a wheel bigger than 18 inches in diameter.

Common tire sizes on a 3-inch lift based on wheel size:

  • Wheel: 17x9  Tire: 265/70  and 285/70

  • Wheel: 18x9 Tire: 275/65 and 285/60

  • Wheel: 20x10 Tire: 275/55 and 33” x 12.5”

  • Wheel: 20x12 Tire: 285/50 and 275/55

2016 Chevrolet Colorado Aggressive > 1

Build Details for This 2016 Chevy Colorado

What Fits a Chevy Colorado with a 6-Inch Lift Kit?

If you’re bold and really want your truck to stand out and look intimidating, then maybe you want to put a 6-inch lift on your build. This is usually the maximum height most people want to lift their truck because going higher may put you at risk of breaking unless you spend more on additional suspension components.

If you’ve got a 6-inch lift on your second-gen Chevy Colorado, these are some of the most popular wheel and tire specs other owners are running.

Common wheel sizes for this truck that’s running a 6-inch lift include:

  • 18x9

  • 20x12

  • 22x12

If you’ve got a 6-inch lift on your truck, you may already be in the “bigger is better” mindset and want to put some big wheels and tires and your build. While they will fit, be prepared to do some minor plastic trimming or deal with a little rubbing when making a full turn.It’s not the end of the world, and this minor inconvenience is definitely worth it to achieve that beast status on your truck.

Common tire sizes for a 6-inch lift based on wheel sizes:

  • Wheel: 18x9 Tire: 285/65 or 33” x 12.5”

  • Wheel: 20x12 Tire: 285/55 or 33” x 12.5”

  • Wheel: 22x12 Tire: 305/55 or 33” x 12.5”

Chevy Colorado 

Build Details for This 2015 Chevy Colorado

Building Your Chevy Colorado

Turning your truck into your dream build is a fun process that a lot of truck owners look forward to. As long as you do your part to understand what fits on your second-generation Chevy Colorado, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle and frustration that comes with buying random wheels and tires, slapping them on your truck, and hoping they work. While it may work for you sometimes, this guide will help you avoid annoying return processes and wasting time or money.

So remember, if you’re interested in starting your build journey, you’ll get free shipping, mounting, and balancing when you package your favorite wheels and tires! We also offer as low as 0% APR financing for those who qualify, so you can worry about paying once you’re satisfied with your truck. Are you driving a newer Chevy Colorado? If so, let us know what you’re running below in the comments! 

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