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Easiest Truck Mods To Install

July 1, 2021

If you’re a truck owner, there’s a possibility that you’ve been thinking about some cool ways to customize it, really making it your own. Sometimes factors like difficult installation or high prices can turn people off from going down this road. That isn’t the case with all mods though. We’re going to explore some of the easiest upgrades you can make to your truck that will improve its overall look and feel!





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-Headlights/Tail Lights

-Rock Lights & Wheel Lights



-Final Thoughts


2017 ram 1500 American force liberty ss wheels


What Are the Easiest Customizations to Make to a Truck?

When it comes to customization, vehicles, in general, are one of the most commonly customized possessions. Your mind may naturally wander to new wheels, tires, or suspension. While these do make for an amazing setup, there are other avenues to consider for customization if you’ve already explored wheels, tires, and suspension, or you’re simply not interested in doing those mods at this time.


2019 ford f250 super duty ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln wheels



A transformation option you may pursue that is a little more spendy is powdercoating or painting. The cool thing about this option is that there are a bunch of components you can do this to including :

  • suspension
  • wheels
  • tow hooks
  • hitches
  • axles




2008 Dodge Ram 2500 liberty forged wheels


Full disclosure, this process is not the easiest or the cheapest. But, oh boy, it sure will turn some heads. The uniqueness this adds to a truck will undoubtedly have people turning their heads when you drive by. And if you’re really looking to kick it up a notch, it looks even better with some rock lights when it’s dark outside. 





2014 ford f350 super duty ARKON OFF-ROAD Caesar wheels


Chrome Deleting

Next up, another mod you can consider making to your truck is chrome deleting. Now, this probably isn’t something everyone is going to want to do. It’s pretty dependent on what other build decisions you’ve made along the way, and then you can decide if this will help achieve that certain look you’re going for. For example, if the chrome on your truck compliments the chrome wheels you’re running, then it might be in the best interest of your truck’s flow to keep it. If applying the wrap is going to help everything on your truck flow together, then this is a great mod to make. It’s your truck, so do what you think is best to help achieve the style of build you’ve been dreaming about. 




2017 Toyota Tacoma vision rocker wheels


Along this same concept, you can also match parts through hydro dipping, wrapping, painting, or plasti dipping your bumper, badges, or trim to try to keep your truck looking cohesive to the color scheme you want.


2016 Toyota Tundra fuel vapor wheels nitto ridge grapplers



If you aren’t a fan of all the badges that were put on your truck while it was being manufactured, you might consider debadging. This is a really simple process that should be done if you’re considering wrapping your truck. Use a heat gun or hair dryer to warm up the emblem you’re trying to remove, take some finishing line to “saw them off”, apply an adhesive remover to get rid of any sticky residue, and then clean, wax, and buff that bad boy up! 




2016 ford f150 ARKON OFF-ROAD Mandela wheels



Another great option for a small upgrade to your truck is a step or a powerstep. This is an opportunity to add an element that improves functionality and looks. Steps come in a wide variety of color, strength, and automatic options so you can tuck that thing in when you close your door. This way, if the look of having a step just doesn’ quite match the style you’re going for, poof. It’s gone. Plus, if you’ve got a huge lift on your truck, your passengers might thank you for having this, especially the short ones. And truly, if you’re looking for another accent on your build to match wheels or other details, this is a great option to explore. 




2015 GMC Sierra 1500 raceline injector wheels atturo trail blade tires


Headlights/ Tail Lights

There’s something so clean about a truck with aftermarket headlights and tail lights. Don’t you think? They enhance the build with their undeniable brightness, but they also allow for extra customization as well with additional lighting, cutouts, and color matching. This is a fairly inexpensive mod to have done to your truck, but the results are huge. Have you ever found yourself sitting behind someone with awesome tail lights in traffic, mesmerized by how badass they look? It can’t be just us…




2015 ford f250 super duty hostile h108 wheels Falken wild peak at3w tires


Rock Lights & Wheel Lights

While we're on the topic of lighting, rock lights and wheel lights are another popular addition to some of the coolest trucks out there. If you’ve got these on your truck, or have seen a truck with them, you probably know how badass this looks when cruising around at night. If your goal is to turn heads and get people to stare at your truck, well, this is how you’re going to achieve that. If you’ve got some wheels, tires, and suspension that you’re proud of, this is a great way to put a spotlight on them and give them the love they deserve in the nighttime. 




2010 chevy tahoe Xtreme mudder wheels



If you’re trying to avoid that awkward staredown moment that happens when you’re at a set of stoplights, it might be time to tint your windows. On top of that, it just enhances the overall look of your truck. From a functional standpoint, it also helps with UV ray rejection and heat rejection which comes in handy during the summer, or when you’re at boiling hot truck shows. This is one of those mods you should try to cut corners with when it comes to money and installation. Please, we’re begging you not to get some cheap quality tint from Amazon. 



2021 ram 3500 American force genesis cc wheels



Alright, last one. If you’ve taken us up on all these suggestions so far, your truck is probably looking pretty good. But, what’s it sound like? If you want the people to remember you from what your truck sounds like speeding off, consider getting a new exhaust to really bring it all together. There’s a lot of options out there to choose from, so we don’t think you’ll have a problem finding an exhaust system that sounds and looks exactly right for your build. 




2016 chevy 1500 ARKON OFF-ROAD crown series victory wheels


Final Thoughts

So, we know a lot of cool information was just thrown your way. Now you might have a really bad urge to go out and do everything on this list overnight. While that probably won’t happen, remember that’s okay because it takes time to achieve that ultimate setup you’ve been thinking about. Everyone has to start somewhere, so whether you’re starting or ending your build journey, these mods are some of the easier, more affordable projects to do. But hey, the details are what really make a truck unique and special.


2019 ford f250 super duty dropstars 655c wheels


Now that we’ve said ours, what are some of your favorite mods you’ve made to your truck, or hope to make in the future? Let us know in the comments! And remember, if you’re interested in starting your build journey today, we offer as low as 0% APR financing for those who qualify, so you can build now and pay later! 





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