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What Are The Best Wheel Brands For Show Trucks?

July 16, 2021

Arguably one of the most important decisions to make while trying to achieve the perfect show build is picking the right wheels. Wheels play a big part in defining a build, so it can be stressful when trying to confidently pick a set out of the sea of options. The goal is to choose a set where people can’t help but be drawn to them. We’ve come up with a list of some of our favorite wheel brands for show trucks that are guaranteed to turn heads. Let’s check them out. 



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2015 ford f350 super duty specialty forged wheels

Are ARKON OFF-ROAD Wheels Good Show Wheels?

The first brand on the list is ARKON OFF-ROAD. These wheels are designed for lifted truck enthusiasts. Their sizing reflects this, as the diameters range from 20”-26” and widths range from 9”-14”. They’ve got wheels that feature a deep-lip design to deliver a dramatic, aggressive look to the build.  Negative offset options go as low as -81mm. 


2019 GMC sierra 1500 ARKON OFF-ROAD Caesar wheels show wheels

With a show build, it’s all about maximizing the visual appeal, and ARKON OFF-ROAD does this with their Proper Directional wheels. A Proper Directional wheel mirrors the one on the opposite side of the truck so that your wheels will face the same direction wherever you look on your truck. They let people know that the wheels are elite and high quality. A build with ARKON OFF-ROAD wheels has a seamless flow that just looks better. 

2019 Ford F250 Super Duty ARKON OFF-ROAD Lincoln show wheels

Just like their sizes, ARKON OFF-ROAD has a wide variety of finish options that will make your build stand out at a show. Besides the common gloss black, black milled, and chrome options for wheels, ARKON has a gloss red with machined spoke windows offered in their Crown Series Victory. So if you’re looking for a pop of color to make your build stand out, that’s a way to do it. 


2016 Ford f150 ARKON OFF-ROAD mandela show wheels

One of the best things about ARKON wheels is that they have that elite, forged look without the price tag of a forged wheel. 

2019 Ram 1500 ARKON OFF-ROAD Crown Series Victory show wheels



Are American Force Forged Wheels Good Show Wheels?

The next Brand on the list is American Force, and we’re referring to their Forged line. A forged wheel is made by heating a billet and using pressure to create the wheel’s shape. Since this process is expensive, it is reflected in the price. However, the forging process eliminates cavities, porosity, and shrinkage. So, in the end, the wheel looks perfect, lasts longer, and is stronger. 

2020 ford f250 super duty American force show wheels

American Force wheel designs focus on adding details and intricacies that draw peoples’ eyes to them. They deliver unique window shapes, rivets around the lip, or machined logo-branded center caps as subtle eye-catching designs that create a showstopping wheel. When it comes to sizing, American Force offers wheels as big as 28x16 -106mm. So if you’re looking for a huge, deep-lipped wheel to set your build apart, that’s an option with American Force. 


2018 ford f250 super duty american force show wheels

Are Fuel Forged Wheels Good Show Wheels?

Another forged wheel option that looks great on a show build is Fuel Forged wheels. They are made from 6061 T-6 aluminum alloy monoblock forgings. Like the other two brands mentioned, Fuel offers wheel sizes all the way up to 26x16 and offset options ranging as low as -101mm. 

2008 GMC sierra 2500 fuel forged show wheels

Their standard finish choices for Fuel Forged wheels are polished or black with milled spoke edges and a polished lip. They’re a popular show wheel because they have a lot of options in terms of the number of spokes, split-spoke designs, angular spokes, or full-faced designs. 


2019 ford f250 super duty fuel forged show wheels

Are Specialty Forged Wheels Good Show Wheels?

The last wheel brand we want to mention that looks badass on a show build is Specialty Forged. Their mission is to cater to the lifted truck community with their wheels. By delivering high-quality machining, designs, and finishes, they’re able to do just that. 

2013 ford f250 super duty specialty forged show wheels

It’s no surprise that these wheels come in monster sizes, including as big as 28x16 for the biggest, boldest builds. You get the choice of two eye-catching finish options, polished or black, with milled spoke windows and edges. There is also a wide variety of detailed window cut designs if you’re looking to add some uniqueness. 


2014 ford f250 super duty specialty forged show wheels

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of good wheel brand options to choose from when it comes to building your show truck. One thing to consider when looking is whether or not they will have a size that accommodates your setup. Also, consider how much the wheel stands out, meaning you might want a deep-lip and a unique spoke design. Also, it’s popular to look at forged wheels for your show build, which can be expensive. So, if you do not want to drop thousands of dollars, consider a brand like ARKON OFF-ROAD. This way, you get that elite, forged style for less. 

2016 GMC sierra 2500 specialty forged show wheels

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2018 ford f250 super duty specialty forged show wheels

If you’ve got a set of awesome wheels on your show truck, let us know in the comments below what you’re running!



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