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5 Reasons Why You Need Anthem Off-Road Wheels

August 21, 2021

If it’s time to upgrade the wheels on your truck, make sure to pay some attention to Anthem Off-Road wheels as a potential choice. These wheels are available in unique, customized looks and designed to withstand any circumstance you put them in. So if you’re looking for the missing piece of your truck, it might just be a set of Anthem Off-Road wheels. Here’s why they’re so good.





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2012 ford f350 super duty anthem off-road wheels


What Sizes Do Anthem Off-Road Wheels Come In?

Sometimes a big, chunky tire is what your build needs. Not everyone wants to deal with rubbing or trimming with their big wheel/tire combo, Anthem wheels get that. So they designed wheel lineups featuring optimized sizes for maximum tire sizes while still clearing your brake calipers. Anthem Off-Road wheels are available in wheels diameters of 17”, 18”, and 20”. 




2020 Ram 2500 anthem off-road wheels


What Do Anthem Off-Road Wheels Look Like?

Who wants to have the second-best wheels at the show? You know what they say, second place is the first place loser. With that in mind, Anthem delivers a wide selection of unique, customized wheels with bold full-face and multi-spoke designs. Another interesting feature of Anthem wheels is that they’re symmetrical, which allows for even weight distribution. Many of Anthem’s wheel designs feature simulated beadlocks and removable center caps for customization. 


2011 ram 2500 anthem off-road wheels


Plus, they offer a variety of finish options to make your build stand out. Some of those options include:

  • gloss black
  • black milled
  • satin black
  • bronze
  • black with gray-tinted machined spoke faces




2021 chevy silverado 3500 anthem off-road wheels


Are Anthem Off-Road Wheels Strong?

Just in case you find yourself in a sticky situation, these wheels were designed with durability and toughness in mind thanks to their reliably strong composition. Plus, they’ve been carefully crafted to maximize load ratings, as some are as high as 3600. 


2014 chevy silverado 1500 anthem off-road wheels


Each wheel lineup has been structurally designed to handle any abuse that may come it’s way, so you don’t have to be shy about where you and your build go. Constructed of high-quality, lightweight aluminum alloy, these wheels will give you confidence in your truck. 




2013 ford f150 anthem off-road wheels


How Much Is Shipping for Anthem Off-Road Wheels?

Remember earlier when we mentioned how good these wheels would look wrapped around some nice, big tires? Yeah, well, we have another reason to go for it. If you bundle your favorite Anthem Off-Road wheels with a set of tires, you’ll earn free mounting, balancing, and shipping which can be up to a $300 value. That’s not all, besides saving money and hassle on that process, you’ll also get a special package-rate discount on your Anthem wheels and tires when you bundle them. 




2018 ford f150 anthem off-road wheels


Plus, because of our wide variety of in-stock Anthem wheel and in-stock tire options, you don’t have to worry about not getting the amazing quality you want and deserve. Due to the abundance of available inventory, we’re ready to process your order and get your wheels and tires mounted, balanced, and shipped to your doorstep in as little as 7 days. 


2020 ford f350 super duty anthem off-road wheels


Can You Finance Anthem Off-Road Wheels?

Last but not least, the fifth reason why you should keep Anthem wheels on the top of your list during your wheel hunt is the ability to finance them. You shouldn’t have to worry about choosing between a new set of sick wheels and treating yourself to a weekend getaway to your favorite truck show. 




2016 chevy colorado anthem off-road wheels


With our partnership with Affirm, you can now finance your Anthem wheels and make easy monthly payments on them. Plus, you could qualify for as low as 0% APR financing, making building now and paying later the best possible option. Not to mention that financing your new wheels with Affirm will actively help you build credit. Pretty sweet deal, don’t you think? Which wheels from Anthem Off-Road would you choose to add to your build?




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