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Top 5 Truck Wheels UNDER $1000

August 6, 2018

Let's face it, our hobby isn't cheap. Aftermarket parts can really start to add up after a short period of time and wheels have been no exception to this rule.

However, hope is not lost for you bargain shoppers!

Let's take a look at the top 5 wheels for under $1000


RAM 2500 Lifted


1. Moto Metal 970

The Moto Metal 970 comes in numerous finishes and bolt patterns which means that if this were a top 10 list, this wheel would also number 6, 7, 8 on that list.

Currently, the standard black finish on the 970 is coming in right under $900 for a 20x10 -24 wheel.

This wheel has been in our videos several times because it is so popular. It looks great on a wide variety of vehicles and applications. Plus, with a price under $900, who wouldn't want to grab a set?


Black Moto Metal 970Moto Metal 970 Silverado

See more Moto Metal 970 photos in our gallery!


2. Vision Prowler

For reference, we are talking about a 20x12 -51.

That's right, you can get a 12 wide -51 wheel for under $1000 shipped right to your door. If you want a wide setup but you're on a tight budget, the Vision Prowler is going to be perfect for you.

One of our favorite things about the Prowler is how versatile it is. We've seen it on old and new trucks, street and mud setups. It can look great on just about any build.

We have also witnessed first hand how durable these wheels are. So rest assured that just because these wheels are under $1000 doesn't mean that they skimped on the quality.


Vision ProwlerVision Prowler Silverado

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3. Red Dirt Road Dirt RD01


This wheel can be yours for under $900 for a 20x12 -44.

Like the Moto Metal 970, the RD01 has many different finishes but the black and machined is by far the most popular.

One of the key features of this wheel is its huge lip. The RD01 features tip-back spokes which bends the ends of the spokes inward creating a much larger looking lip.

RDR is still a pretty new company but they have been growing in popularity pretty quickly. This growth is thanks to them creating extremely wide wheels at an affordable price point. We are positive that you'll be seeing more and more of RDR at your truck meets.


RDR RD01RD01 Ford Raptor

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4. Gear Off-Road Big Block 726MB

This wheel is an extremely clean, simple wheel that comes in a ton of different styles and finishes. The 726MB has been pretty popular lately and we can definitely see why.

Including shipping, you can get a set of 20x12 -44 for under $1000.

These wheels are so popular that we have around 900 trucks in our gallery running them!


Gear Off-Road Big Black 726MBRam Big Block 726MB

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5. Havok H109

So this is going to be your best shot at getting a name brand wheel under $1000!

You can pick up a 20x10 -24 H109 for just under $1000

The Havok H109 is available in a black, black and machined, as well as a chrome finish so one of these options will probably fit your style.

Order these bad boys fast though, the H109 is so incredibly popular that they are usually on backorder. So if you're looking to pick up a set, make sure you keep your eye out for the backorder to be removed and swipe them right away. You won't be disappointed.


Havok H109Havoc H109 Tacoma

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Wrapping it up

These have been the top 5 truck wheels under $1000. Remember, these are all brand new wheels shipped right to you! Buying at Custom Offsets also gets you some sweet deals like:

That means more money in your pocket! We hope to see you soon!