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  1. Why are most of your 15 offsets on back order?

  2. I ordered Moto metal mo970’s for my 08 Silverado 1500, and already have aftermarket lugs for my current wheels, can you guys give me the dimensions of your aftermarket lugs so I can see if mine will fit or I need to order a set. Thanks

  3. Do you guys not carryAnthem wheels?

  4. Hello, getting ready to buy some new tires and I’ve been getting mixed reviews. I have a 2012 4×4 F150 with a 2.5 front leveling kit and a 3 inch rear block. I currently have 22×10 Giovanni rims with a +30 offset. Can I fit a 35×12.5×22 with minimal trimming or should I go with a smaller set up. I had 305/45/22s with a bunch of room before the kit. Thanks for the help!

  5. OK so I received the Lugnuts however they were not the ones I ordered. Should have received the black splined drive nuts. Order # 56225

  6. Hello I received my wheels on Monday and was out of town until Friday. Upon returning home I inspected my wheels and discovered that I was shipped the wrong set of wheels. My original order states that I ordered MO97021067324N Black Moto Metal MO970 20×10 -24 2008 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 4WD Leveling Kit 8×6.5,8×165.1. However i received 6 lug wheels. I have sent an email to sales but being that it’s after hours I figured i would try and contact y’all on here. I would like to know how to go about recieving the wheels I was charged for and returning the wheels that were mistakenly sent to me. I attached photos of original receipt upon order as well as the receipt that arrived with the shipment in the email I sent

    • Hello,

      We are very sorry to hear of the mix up on your order. Please see your email for the proceeding steps to get this resolved for you.

      Thank you.

  7. I just purchased a wheel/tire combo. Upon having receiving a confirmation email i was also informed, “Hello,
    I received your order. Are you planning to come to Appleton WI for install? It says on the website that we do not ship just wanted to make sure you saw that in red letters.
    Thank you (Nick Chartier)”

    I work night shift and cannot respond during normal hours so i am leaving this here. In your FAQ policy it reads quote “ALL WHEEL AND TIRE PACKAGE PRICES INCLUDE MOUNTING, BALANCING AND SHIPPING IN THE LOWER 48 STATES.” And quote “Shipping: We ship to the Lower 48 states for the advertised price” So I need to know ASAP if you all provide the shipping as quoted or if the sales rep is wrong. Very confusing and aggravating having just spend nearly 2k on wheels and tires and the website says you ship but a sales rep is saying that i would have to pick up in WI.

    • Hello,

      Please see the email I just sent you with the following information:

      Very sorry for any confusion but ALL wheel/tire packages, or individual wheels or tire orders do include free shipping if you purchase from I see that you originally ordered your package from Offsets Garage ( which is our local shop and we do not include shipping when purchasing off of our local shop site.

      We have everything straightened out for you ​​and the order does include free shipping.

      Thank you.

  8. Lugnuts did not come with wheels and tires as ordered. Was promised I would receive Lugnuts within three days. Disappointed these were not overnighted to me as this was your mistake not mine. Still can’t mount tires or wheels.

    • Matt, we are very sorry for the mix up on the lug nuts. I see that we placed the order for the replacements on 3/14 and unfortunately USPS did not get the package out for us right away, which caused this delay, very sorry. I see that the lug nuts are scheduled for delivery on Saturday, which is only 1 business day outside of our expected time frame of 3 business days. Please let us know if you have any other questions at this time. Thank you.

  9. I have a 2014 gmc 1500 that i want to install a 6 inch RC lift. I want to run 295/60/20 tires with 20×9 fuel mavericks. My question is what offset to use? I want the tire flush or sticking out just an inch or so with no rubbing and little to no trimming

  10. Hi i was seriously considering purchasing a wheel and tire combo package from customoffsets, i just had one question. If i order the wheel/tire combo package does the tire come mounted and balanced to the wheels; or do i have to take it somewhere. I have seen conflicting answers just trying to figure this out before i make a purchase.


    However under the FAQ page i found this, ”
    Jotham Hanz March 10, 2017 at 10:32 pm | Reply
    I was wondering where do I take the rims to be installed. Do I take it to a shop provided by you, or do I have to take it somewhere and pay for it myself.

    Custom Offsets March 12, 2017 at 12:53 pm | Reply
    Hi Jotham, installation of rims would be your responsibility. You take to a shop of your choice and cover the costs. Let me know if you have any other questions

    Just hoping your team could clear this up so that i can place an order, Thanks!

    • Hi Gene, the wheels and tires do come mounted and balanced. They are then shipped to you and you are responsible for getting them installed on your vehicle. If you have more questions, please email us:

      Hope this helps.

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