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  1. ive been looking for a 3 or 4″ lift kit for my 2002 gmc sierra denali quadrasteer. ive been told lifting a quadrasteer is different from lifting others. and i can not find a company that has it(ive emailed multiple companies). if yall have a set or know were i can get one please get back with me. thanks

  2. I just watched the new video on YouTube with the 16 Silverado running 22×10 -19 I think you said and 33s I’m looking to do this set up but I’m wondering if you have to lift it the 4 inches? And if you run in stock ride height how much trimming is needed

    • The lift is needed and to run that setup. On stock height would require major, major trimming. I wouldn’t want to start cutting bumpers and fenders on a brand new truck but its doable if you want to do it. Another option would be prerunner fenders and a ADD style bumper but that starts to get pretty pricey.

  3. Looking for roof install kit for a 52-inch curved light bar for my 2010 Dodge Ram 3500

  4. I ordered a 30″ rgb black label light bar from you guys couple weeks back and I know there was a 3-4 week back order on them but I was wondering if I could get an update on my order please ? And I tried emailing and I haven’t got a response back

    thank you ,

    • Sorry about the delays Jeff. We are still waiting on our full order to come in. Demand is really high right now so we are seeing longer delays than normal. We have an order on the way but don’t have an exact eta at the moment. We will send it out the soonest we can.

  5. Im running 22×12 -44 offset fuel nutz on 35 12.50 tires i was wonder if i put spacers on and pushed the wheels out more if i could clear 37’s i have an 8″ lift 35’s do not rub what would i have to do to clear them? my fenders are trimmed also. thank you

    • Spacers won’t help with clearance they will in fact make it worse. If its close now with 35″ tires its probably gonna rub pretty good on 37″ tires.

  6. Hello. I have tried contacting you through email on both sales and info email as well as voicemail’s and haven’t heard back today. I am waiting on a refund on wheel spacers that I was told would be taken care of yesterday. I also had questions about rims/tires I may purchase which might make the refund irrelevant. How can I get ahold of someone to fix this order?

  7. Would like to some stickers,don’t see them in your products.

  8. Do you guys have any ideas I could do for a 2000 Ford Expedition 2wd?

  9. February through May is crazy tax return season for the wheel/tire industry as a whole. At this time our order volumes usually double and this year appear to be 4 times higher. We promise we are working every order and have no doubt we will be able to get everyone a killer deal on some killer wheels and tires. That being said our phone team is buried and our best way to help you all is via email as we can quickly look up your order and get you the info you are looking for. Simply email our team by replying to your last email from for wheels and tires and our team members will take good care of you and reply in less than 24 hrs. All wheel and tire packages take 8-12 business days (this is an industry standard with such large items and the process to assemble wheels and tires, some manufacturers are also behind at this time meaning orders may take a day or so longer). THANK YOU ALL SOO MUCH FOR TRUSTING IN US AND WE ASSURE YOU THE PRICE AND KILLER SETUPS ARE WORTH THE LITTLE BIT OF WAIT AND YOUR PATIENCE!! KEEP BUILDING AWESOME TRUCKS AND CARS AND HOPE TO SEE YOU AT A SHOW THIS YEAR!!!!

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