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  1. This is ken miller I bought new wheels and tires for my trucking went fine turned around and bought new will and tires for my car. Major nightmare. Ordered Vossen Wheels. They sent me a email conformation and had wrong wheels on the order. Had to call them to notify them of there mess up the just told me well those wheels would look good on my car. Bu there not what I picked or paid for. Told me to look on web site and find wheels I liked. Called next day and talked to them to Oder new wheels. Ordered hellcat replica wheels which they told me would fit. Wait weeks to get them. Do a test fit. The back wheels do not fit. There mistake. Then I finally get them agree to swap out the to back tires that did not fit. There mistake. Got know where. So I finally agree to pay half of the shipping back. Which would have been 45 dollars then they charged my card for 164 dollars. Then they notify me my wheels are on back order.you call them and they give you the run around. Very unhappy customer

    • Hello Ken, very sorry for any issues with your order. This sounds very odd for if this was our mistake we would cover all fees associated with the swap/return. I will have our team review your issue again to ensure there were no mistakes made, or miscommunications!

  2. I recieved the wrong wheel with my order. One of my wheels has a different offset then the rest.

  3. How long does shipping normal take on average.

  4. What’s the average cost for an 18×10 wheel and 33×12.50 tire/wheel package

  5. I need you guys to call me immediately

  6. Do you guys have forged wheels in stock or is it by when customer orders them you get them?

  7. can you guys deliver to my place, Guam?

    • HI Robert, we sure can. Send us an email (info@customoffsets.com) with more detail so we can quote you correctly.

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