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  1. I need a replacement 22″ Dip phantom rim…who do i speak wth about ordering this rim so i can get back on the road again..

  2. Looking to get in touch with whom ever it is to get info on ordering wheelz and tires thNkz

  3. Im looking to find a sourcs for TRUE SPIKE lug nuts. the place i tried to get em from VMS racing out of Miami, Fl was extremely shady and cancelled my order twice after i had already paid em.

  4. HI I was looking to buy the 24×14 extreme mudders which were the cheapest wheel I could find in that offset and also was looking to buy the Haida mud champs which were the cheapest mud tire I could find any reviews on either one of these and what’s the manufacture warranty also what is the average mileage on the tires

  5. Do yall have any opinion on the atturo trailblade boss vs. The nitto mud grappler. They seem to be the same designed tire but i dont know if itll last as long

    • Dylan, we have not yet had a chance to review the new Atturo Trailblade Boss, however, customers are reporting that it is very loud and aggressive, just as the Nitto Mud Grappler. I would expect about the same low mileage out of both tires, simply because they are designed for offroad use.

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