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  1. To everybody if you need tech support your in trouble your dealing with kids i bought wheels with 2 s
    valve cores one on the outside where one should be and one on the inside where it is not usually needless to say when the wheel rolled the first time the caliper cut the valve core off I called and ask if they offered any type of plug to delete the inside valve core and 3 different people to buy wheel spacers how dumb is that if you put a 5 inch wheel spacer that would work in the mean time if any one else has this problem put the inside valve core in backward(valve stem pointing inside the rim) that will fix the problem I think there last job was McDonalds

  2. I have a 2017 F150 3.5l Supercrew 4WD and was thiinking about running a setup similar to what kirk was or is running on his 2013 as far as a lift with an added level on top. Was wondering if you guys have come across a setup similar to this, 6″ BDS coilover lift with the upper control arms addition and then adding a 1″ spacer on top. im wanting to run the 20×12 -44 Hostile Alphas on 35×13.50 Nitto Ridge Grapps. was hoping that with the 5″ rear block this would give a level look and also allow for a better fitment with the 13.50 tire width. I’ve searched just about every F150 in the gallery and wasnt able to find something close enough. Also wondering if you guys offer a military discount. Thanks in advance,

  3. I see the changes that have occurred on the website which I do like however, I have lost all of my wish list items, my favorite trucks and now when I add an item to my wish list and try to click “View Details” I get no response, the page reloads to the same view.

    • Hey Dale,

      I’m so sorry to hear about the issues you experienced. I’ll be sure to let our IT ninja’s know about this.

  4. Do you guys install tires/wheels and lift kits or only ship them?

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