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How to wire Remote STROBE Controller from OLB

The remote strobe controller is an inline strobe unit. Which means you simply put the box in line with the lights you want to strobe. The trick is it must be after the switch, after the relay, after the fuse and just before the light(s). Her is a quick diagram that should clear up any […]

Installed OLB LED Light Bar Gallery 50″ 40″ 30″ 20″

    Pics of some of the sexiest OLB light bar trucks out there!! Send yours to sales@offroadledbars.com and we will show off your killer OLB setups! Curved 50″ OffRoad LED BAR                    

Q: Why are some of my LEDs on my light bar flickering?

A: The problem/solution to this issue is the relay. A new one can be purchased at Autozone for $5. You would need a 40 amp relay.

Q: How do I stop wind noise from my 50″ Off Road LED Light Bar?

A: Because all light bars have fins for cooling, all makes and brands have a chance to whistle at highway speed, but I have great news! You can almost completely eliminate this howling or screeching noise. Better news, it will cost you less than $10 and 15 minutes. The entire noise is coming from the […]

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