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Fender and bumper trimming to fit 20×12 -44 wheels with 33×12.5 tires

So with our 6″ rough country lift the 33″x 12.5″ Federal Couragia tires hit pretty good on the front and rear corners on the front wheel housings. We are taking the old fashion, pull out a 4 1/2″ grinder and make the rubbing go away!

We simply marked the fenders just inside the metal support bars and marked where the lugs where hitting both front and back and went to town. When we went to pick up some supplies we noted the price, if you need to buy a grinder, they are $29.99 for this one. (Fun Fact)


Our approach was to simply cut the notches out that we needed for clearance. So we removed the fender liner screws at the locations of where we were going to cut, plus one extra so we could pull the plastic out and cut behind it a bit.


Then we just angled the cut on both front and back and used the flat of the disk to do the best we could to smooth the angle.



Before paint we will try to come up with something to install to clean up the look inside the wheel liner now where we cut it away. Either a filler of some sort or just lay thin sheet metal in as a splash guard to give it a finished look. Any suggestions? We will take them.

Next step, since it’s too cold to paint or do anything super cool… either install our “starter” stereo or pull of those running boards.


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Home Custom Build Wheel Offset 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Aggressive Suspension Lift 6" Custom RIms Plastidip Fender and bumper trimming to fit 20×12 -44 wheels with 33×12.5 tires