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Wheel and Tire Financing Available At Custom Offsets

Build Now, Pay Later Through Affirm

Transparent, quick financing is our ultimate goal for each of our customers, and you can have the peace of mind that when you finance with us, there won’t be any hidden fees or costs on your bill. You’ll never owe more than what you agreed to, and financing with us through Affirm includes plenty of advantages that you can see below!

Finance Your Wheels And Tires Through Affirm

Advantages of Financing Your Wheel and Tire Packages with Affirm at Custom Offsets


No need to wait. Buy the things you love today and make easy monthly payments.


The option to pay over time is available to most customers, whether you buy with Affirm, or use our lease-to-own partner, Katapult.


Know exactly what you'll pay up front, without any surprises.

Here's how it works

Affirm Wheel and Tire Financing

Select Affirm at checkout

Then just enter a few pieces of information for a real-time decision. Checking your eligibility won’t affect your credit score.

Choose how to pay

Select the payment schedule you like best, then confirm your loan. You’ll never be charged more than you see up front.

Make easy monthly payments

Just download the Affirm app or sign in at affirm.com to make payments. You’ll get email and text reminders whenever a payment’s coming up. With Affirm, there will never be hidden fees or surprises.

Katapult Wheel and Tire Financing

Or, choose Katapult

If Affirm isn’t able to offer you a payment plan, most customers will be given the option to check out today using our lease-to-own program from Katapult, an Affirm partner.



What is Affirm?

Affirm is a financing alternative to credit cards and other credit payment products. Affirm offers real-time financing for purchases online. With Affirm, you can buy and receive your purchase now, and pay for it in fixed monthly installments.

Why buy with Affirm?

  • Buy and receive your purchase now, and pay for it over time. This allows you to split up the price of your purchase into fixed payment amounts that fit your monthly budget. If Affirm approves you for a loan, Affirm discloses your loan terms before you make your purchase. You’ll know exactly how much you’ll owe each month, the number of payments you must make, and the total amount of interest you’ll be paying over the course of the loan. Affirm does not charge hidden fees.

  • The application process is secure and in real-time. Affirm asks you for a few pieces of information. After you provide this information, Affirm will notify you of the loan amount you’re approved for, the interest rate, and the number of months you will have to pay off your loan, all within seconds.

  • You don’t need to have a credit card to make a purchase.

  • Affirm bases its loan decision not only on your credit score, but also on several other data points about you. You may be eligible for Affirm financing even if you don’t have an extensive credit history.

  • Affirm will send you email and SMS reminders in advance of your upcoming payment. You can also enable “Autopay” to schedule automatic monthly payments on your loan.

Can You Get Wheel and Tire Financing with Bad Credit?

For one reason or another, you might find yourself in a less-than-ideal financial situation but are still looking to buy some new accessories for your vehicle. That’s no problem with our partners at Affirm - you’re able to get pre-approved for financing right from our site, and best yet, it won’t affect your credit score to check your eligibility. We’ll work closely with you to help make your payments as affordable as possible, so no matter where you stand, you can rest assured that you can still get the accessories you’ve been dreaming of.

Store Financing Product Page Financing

Start your purchase

Affirm financing will be available on products that have this badge icon.

Once you've found the product you'd like to order, add your product to the cart and select Affirm as your selected payment method.

Apply quickly with Affirm

With Affirm selected as your payment method, fill out your shipping and vehicle information, then select "Check out with Affirm".

Fill out Affirm's quick application and you will be provided with a real-time loan decision. Select your preferred payment terms and confirm your loan.

Affirm Checkout Affirm Get Started

Checkout and shipping

Confirm your order and your order will be placed! After checkout, your order will be immediately processed by our team.

Easy and Affordable Payments

With Affirm, you can order your products right away and split your payments into a term that works for you. Your rate and monthly payment will be provided prior to order so you know exactly how much to pay each month.

What is Katapult?

Katapult offers a simple, straight-forward lease to own financing option, with no credit need or required, to help you get durable goods from top retailers and pay over time.

What is lease to own?

Lease to own means that you make recurring payments for the use of the products you have selected. You have no long-term obligation to continue leasing and can return the product to Katapult at any time with no further obligation other than for amounts past due.

Apply quickly with Katapult

With Katapult selected as your payment method, fill out your shipping and billing information, review your order, then select "Check out with Katapult".

Katapult Financing Katapult Get Started

Checkout and shipping

Confirm your order and your order will be placed! After checkout, your order will be immediately processed by our team.

Easy and Affordable Payments

You'll make recurring payments to Katapult with the option to pay off at any time. You own the items once you pay off or complete your lease. The sooner you pay off the more you save!

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