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HIDs vs. LEDs for Headlight and Fog Light Replacement bulbs.

Install time:
HIDs 30-60 mins per set. Requires harness and in most cases a resister pack. (Professional install recommended)
LEDs 5-10 mins per set. No bulky harness and only in some cases needs a resister pack on “mopar” vehicles.

HIDs 2 years on bulbs
LEDs Limited lifetime on full kit

HIDs Approx 1000 lumens
LEDs 1800-2200 lumens and 15-20% wider and longer views than HIDs

HIDs $70-$85 per kit
LEDs $125-$140 per kit

HIDs Not 50 state on-road legal
LEDs 50 state road use legal

HIDs Shades include 3k-yellow tint 4300-white, 6k- light blue tint, 8k blue tint. As the k ( kelvins) go higher, the dimmer the bulb gets. Also the color is what makes it easy for law officials to spot HID equipped vehicles.
LEDs 6k equivalent. Crisp white and matches LED light bars, cubes, etc.

Life span:
HIDs. 2,500-4,000 hours
LEDs. 20,000-25,000 hours.

To pick up a set of HID bulbs, LED bulbs or a complete headlight conversion- check out our custom lighting store!!

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