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Next up Lambo Exhaust tip, on an Avalanche!

So today we got the truck back from adding the rear wheel spacers 1.5″ added to the rear to get them flush with the fronts. Looks great, glad we decided to square everything up. We thought by having the same -44 offset all the way around we should be good but it seems the Rough Country 6″ lift does push the front tires out about 1.5″ or 40mm more so we added the spacers.

We also had the alignment done and we are experiencing a left hand pull and it seems no one can figure out why. We are going to just watch the tire wear, and if we see an issue, back to the shop she goes.

In the mean time we mocked up the exhaust tip. The goal is this:

lambo exhaust

To get started we ran the exhaust straight out to the license plate opening, straight pipe of course! Now she has a little growl and just needs a tip.

So we stopped by a local metal shop and they asked we mock it up. So here is what we have after a couple chunks of cardboard and duct tape were combined with a toilet paper roll. Should be pretty close to exact dimensions and shape.

exhaust mock up

It will actually be pushed through the opening (once we make it a much larger opening) and then sit almost flush and look more like this from behind the truck.

mocked up exhaust

Next step is to hope we can afford to have it custom made, we will find out tomorrow!


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