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Wheel Offset and Backspacing

So you finally saved up the cash to get the perfect set of wheels for your ride, now what. There’s diameter, that’s the easy part, your favorite song says you need some 24s! Now you just google your vehicle to find out the number of lugs and distance between them, 6 lugs 5.5″ spacing 6×5.5. Okay all set, go on eBay and order some wheels… Not so Fast! Did you know many wheels are sold in 3-10 different wheel offsets or ET (some German abbreviation for offset). The wheel offset is the distance in millimeters (mm) that the hub of the wheel (where you bolt the wheel to the car) is from the True center of the wheel. Basically a positive offset of +25mm means the center of the wheel is 25mm closer to the outside (curb/fender side) of the wheel, thus pushing the wheel in toward the caliper/brake. This basically sinks the tire and wheel into the fender. If the same wheel were to have a wheel offset of -25mm, that means the center (lug nut or mounting part) is closer to the inside of the wheel. This is what often creates a larger lip on the wheel or a concave style wheel, Thus pushing the tire out toward the fender making it flush or on your favorite monster truck way outside the fender creating that super aggressive 4×4 stance.

How to Measure our Backspacing (Back of the wheel)

Measuring Backspacing

Or hopefully you can just look on the back side of the wheel/rim and find this stamping!


(This would be a 18″ diameter with 8″ width and +55 offset.)


Let me start by just throwing all the math at you, then you will see some diagrams and explanation below.

Using 205/60-15 as an example:

Tire width = 205 mm

Aspect Ratio = 60 (sidewall height is 60% of tire width) or 0.6 * 205 = 123 mm side wall

Wheel rim dia. = 15 inches

So the INCHES diameter of a 205/60-15 tire is = (2*205*0.6/25.4) + 15 = 24.69 inches diameter is same as “height”


formula from mm and ratio to inches:

((2*tire width mm*tire ratio*)/25.4)+rim diameter inches = tire height in inches

For width tire width mm/25.4 = width inches


To convert from inches to mm

Tire width = 8″

Tire height = 25″

wheel dia. 15″


(tire width in * 25.4) = width mm then round to 5mm or 8*25.4 = 203.2 or 205mm

((Tire height – rim diameter) / 2) / (tire width in * 25.4)


formula from inches to ratio in %

((Tire height inches- rim diameter inches) / 2) / (tire width inches)= % again round to nearest 5 (60 or 65 using our previous numbers)

For width tire width inches * 25.4 = width mm

top view wheel offset w logo

As the offset is moved toward the Curb Side (positive + offset) – toward the fender – it has the opposite effect on the wheel stance, moving it in toward the caliper which creates a larger gap between the outter edge of the tire and the outer edge of the fender. As the offset moves toward the caliper (negative – offset) the wheel and tire are moved out toward the fender and with a large enough negative offset the tire will stick out past the fender.


The following diagrams assume the wheel is the same width in both examples. Remember if the wheel width changes this will affect how much the offset will move the wheel. Example: a 7.5″ wide wheel with a +25 offset will be “tucked” into the fender while a 10″ wide wheel with +25 wheel offset could be flush. How? You have to account for the 2.5″ of extra wheel width. That mean 1.25″ on each half of the wheel from the center line. Since every inch is worth 25.4 mm that means you have added 31.75mm of wheel toward the fender and another 31.75mm toward the caliper, even though the offset was the same.


Assuming you are keeping the same width wheel, this is what offset would do as you change from positive offset such as +25 to less positive such as +12 or past the center line of the wheel to negative wheel offset such as -12.

First an example looking from the rear of a vehicle with a stock or positive offset. The suckin or tucked, factory look.

rear view positive wheel offset w logo

This second diagram looking from the rear of a vehicle with a negative offset (same width wheel). This setup will give the flush or with a larger negative offset one can achieve the aggressive look as you move outside the fender.

rear view negative wheel offset w logo


So now that you know exactly what wheel offset is we will move on to the other word used by the custom wheel world. Backspacing. Not all that different however to keep you on your toes it changes where we measure from. We are still looking for the distance from the mounting surface of the wheel, however rather than measuring to the ‘center line’ of the wheel, backspacing is measured from the back edge of the wheel to the mounting surface. Like below.

rear view backspacing w logo

Alloy Wheels by TSW – Wheel Offsets wheel offset 101
by: tswalloywheels

Confusing? Not a big deal that’s why exists. You don’t have to worry about all this because we have created a place to SEARCH. BROWSE. and SHARE pictures of your favorite rides with the specifications of the wheels, including wheel offset to make finding the perfect wheel for your ride sooooo much easier!

Tire Wheel Backspacing Offset Calculators


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  1. Hello, i need help. I am putting 22’s on my Mazda CX-7 from a GMC truck. The adapter to convert to 6 lug is 2″ wide. The rims are 22×9 with +28mm offset and 610″ backspacing. Not sure if this will poke out to bad past fenders. Just looking to be flush. The current factory rims are 18×7.5 with +50mm offset, and i would need roughly 2″ more pushed out to sit nice and flush. The math has me confounded, lol. I mean being i would havve a 2″ spacer would push it out, but the extra neg differance in offset and rim width of the 22″ would keep it from exposing past the fender i beleive, right? Im stumped. Thank you for all the help and time you spend with all us in here..

  2. I have 14 Tundra CM. 3/2 Readylift. Thinking about going 295 70 18 with a wheel of +12 or +18. My question is.. with what offset is best and that tire to add Rough Country 2″ flares. I HATE the tucked in wheel and flare look? In your opinion what would work best?

  3. Hey, my name is Shane could I put 32″ tires with a 20″ rim 9″ wide on a leveled 2003 Silverado 1500 HD

  4. Hi I have 97 Camry and I’ve been looking every where for a nice set of wheels, I currently found the mamba mr1x wheels and love the way they look. The current look that I am going for is the wheel to stick out slightly past the fender but I’m not sure if this set up is going to work. Currently I’m running 195/65r15 et 45 on the Camry and I plan to use the same tires. I also want a slight stretched look to the tires that’s why I chose the mambas because the width is 8in instead of the 7in. I was wondering if this set up would work without any scraping of the fenders. Also the mambas have an offset of 0.

  5. i have a 2011 chevy 1500 silverado with a 6in lift and i want to run a 20×12 with -44 offset with 33s would have to any metal trimming

  6. I have 2014 ram with leveling kit 20×10 -12 will 35×12.50×20 work without rubbing and how far will they stick out

  7. I have a 2004 dodge Durango limited edition, I want to put new tires on back but I like the 285 70 r17 front I want to keep at 265 70 r17 can I do this?

  8. hi. I have a 2011 gmc sierra 1500 with a 6“ bds lift. I have 325/60r18 and -12mm offset and was looking at getting 325/65r18 so a 35“ tire with +20mm offset rim. was just wondering how far in the new rims would bring my tires and if it would look bad with bushwacker fender flairs I have on the truck

  9. I have a 2016 RAM 1500 with stock 17 in aluminum wheels. The stock offset is 25mm positive. I need the front wheels to be only 10mm positive. Can I buy wheels aluminum wheels that kook close to the stock one with two rears having 25 mm pos and two fronts having 10mm positive?


  11. Could I clear 20 by 12 -44 offset rims and 33 inch tires on my truck?? My truck has a 2 inch leveling kit somebody please help

  12. I have a 1985 Chevorlet Scottsdale k20 and I was wondering what would be the best offset wheels to put on it?

  13. Hi I’ve got a 2016 gmc 2500hd with a bds 6.5inch lift and was wondering what is the best combo Tire size and rims (widest) I can put on without rubbing

  14. I drive a 2015 Chevy black widow edition with a 6 inch lift sitting on 35″ tires not happy with the offset on it looking for a way more aggressive look what do you suggest I do?

  15. kinda confused about offsets and stuff. i have a 1996 jetta and im trying to put some aggressive wheels on it. im just at a loss at what offset ill need to go with for a 15×9 or 15×10

  16. I have a 2011 Ford F-150 Lariat Supercrew on a 2′ front leveling kit. I have stock 20s. I want to get new wheels and keep them at 20, but I am having trouble figuring out what offset i need. I don’t want any rubbing on metal, i don’t mind trimming a little of the plastic. I have been told to get 20×9 but have been given advice on every offset knows to man…please help

  17. I have a 1970 Chevelle with a stock 12 bolt rear. I want to put as wide a tire as possible tucked inside the wheelwells. Was hoping to somehow squeeze a 12 inch wide tire in there somehow without hitting anything. Do you know what size wheel and offset would work? Thanks

  18. I have incubus rims. I am trying to figure out the offset. The only numbers I can find are the 8JX17. I don’t see anything else you show in the pictures.

    • There should be a stamp in a box that has the offset in it. If that’s not there then it can be pretty hard to find it.

  19. I have a 2013 tundra with a leveling kit. I want to put 33×12.5×20 tires with a +12 offset wheel. How much will it rub?

  20. I have a 2007 Colorado. I want to put 22in wheels on without rubbing tire rod and frame. I tried 22×9.5 w/ +38

  21. I have a 2014 Chevy Silverado with a leveling kit. How could I fit 22 by 11 rims.

  22. Will 22×12 wheels with a -44 offset on 35s fit on a 2011 f150 with a 4 inch lift without scrubbing

    • Seems like other guys are having to trim plastic and still scrub. 33″ would be a better option if your looking to not do any trimming.

  23. I have a 2001 GMC Sierra 1500 that is leveled. What is the lowest offset meaning negative that I can fit with my truck leveled that are 20×10 or 20×12?

  24. Hi, I have a 2012 silverado 1500 currently with a 4″ lift on 35×12.50R20s i got some rims that are 20×12 with a -44 offset. Will they fit or do i need to do some trimming?

    • Even with 33″ tires you would be looking at major metal trimming. 35″ tires are pretty much out of the question. I would jump to a 6″ lift and run 33″ tires. Chevy’s aren’t very forgiving when it comes to wide and tall wheel and tire combinations.

  25. SO WHY does the Offset RULER measure about 6.5″+- which = 165 +- MM NOT 55MM as on the rim ?

    • 55mm is how far the bolting location is from the center of the wheel. The ruler is measuring from the back of the wheel. The wheel is an 8″ wheel so take the offset (55mm) plus half the wheel (4in) and you get 156.6mm. Now you are much closer to your 6.5 inches you see on the ruler. Also keep in mind that the 8″ size of the wheel is the INSIDE of the tire lip/bead, where backspace measures to the OUTSIDE. that’s your missing 9mm.

  26. i have a 2015 2500 dodge 4×4,
    i want to run 20″ rims with a leveling kit and i only want about 1”-1 1/2” outside th fender, what offset should i use and if i dont level it what offset should i use

  27. I have a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 Crew Cab 2wd (new body style) would this set up fit with a 3″ level kit. 20×10 -18mm offset 33×12.50r20, or would you recommend a different set up?

  28. The face determins how far the pffset is correct I have 3 piece wheels even if I change the lip bigger or get smaller barrel would the offset still be the same?

  29. I am looking to buy a 16×10 alloy ion style 171 with -38 offset. Will this rim fit on my 2002 gmc Sierra 1500 sle with stock brake calipers all the way around?

    • As long as your truck has 16″ on it now you should be fine. You never want to go down in size. So if you have 17″ wheels now I would stay away from 16″

  30. i have a 2004 chevy silverado 1500. its leveled. i have 33 12.5 17 inch rims but they are flush with the body and i want to widen the stance an inch or two is it possible without lifting it?

  31. I have a 01 ford explorer 4×4 with 31 inch all terrain tires. I want to purchase new rims that have a -19.5mm offset. will they fit?

  32. I have a 2006 4Runner with 2″ lift. I have 265/70r17 tires. Would a 17×9 rim with -12mm backspacing look ridiculous?

    • It will poke out of the fender about an 1.5″- 2″ so if that’s not what your looking for than go with a +0 for no poke.

  33. Hi I’m going from a 255/75R17 tire to a 315/70R17 tire on my 2010 jeep jku sport. I don’t know the size of the stock rims but my new ones will be 17×9 with a -12 offset. My stock rims are centerline. I get the whole part about negative offset sets the hub closer to the brake and tire put towards the fender. But what I don’t understand is how much. If -12 is in mm that would mean it only moves like half an inch right. And -12 can’t be in inches because my rims will only be 9 inches wide. So how far is the hub really sitting into the rim?

  34. I have a 2007 mazdaspeed3 and I have a set of xxr 527s. I am looking to get a set of functional tires for theses wheels but don’t know where to start. They are 17×9.75 with +22 offset. Please help!

  35. I’ve got an 04 RAM 2500. I’m wanting more aggressive stance than stock but not sticking out like crazy. It seems on one truck a -12 looks great but on another it looks way too wide. I’m wanting a 18×9 just having trouble figuring out the right offset.

    • Keep an eye out to see if they are running spacers or if its a 9 wide -12 or a 10 wide -12. From what it sounds like a 9 wide -12 is going to fit your needs perfectly.

  36. Currently have P265/60R18 7.5 width w/ 25+ mm offset. Looking to move to a particular 9 inch rim (same 265/60R18) offering -6mm or 12+ mm, which would be best? Unlike others, I am against tires sticking out – could I do the 12+mm?

  37. 2011 2500hd putting rims on but don’t wanna cause any mechanic issues or rubbing what offset would be best -12 or +1

  38. 2015 Ram 1500 2wd..Do you have or know of a leveling kit for it?!!

  39. 6″ lift on a 97 k1500. want it to ride good and not like a wagon on highway, it is my daily driver. is 18×10 -24 wrapped in 35s ideal? thought of 20×12 -44 but hear they ride horrible.

    • Its more the tire when talking about ride quality on the hwy. Any mud tire will ride a little rougher than say an a/t or an all season radial. I would say the 18×10 -24 would be a good size. If you have any more questions email

  40. I have a 2014 Chevy 2500hd with a Zone 3″ level kit. I want to run 33 12.50 18 tires. What size wheel width would work to make them stick out some without me having to cut the bumper or have any rubbing

  41. I have a 2011 f250 that I use for pulling a 5th wheel camper. Is a -12 offset going to put alot off stress on my bearings?

  42. I have a 2010 Chevy Colorado. It has the stock wheels that take 265-65-R17. I am looking to buy new wheels from you guys but I was wanting to move them out an inch. What wheels do I need.

  43. I have a 2002 Chevy 1500 and I’m putting 18×9 rims on it, what offset will put my rim flesh with my fender flares which are 2″?

  44. I have a 1998 k1500 with stock suspension and was wondering if 20×10 wheels with -24 offset with 33 12.50 wheels would fit w/o rubbing?

  45. I have a 2wd 07 Classic Chevy 1500 with a 2″ leveling kit. I’m looking into running Toyo MT LT275/55R20 along with Fuel Maverick 20s. I don’t really want them to sit completely inside the fender. So if I’m looking for a little bit of stance, what offset would you recommend? Thanks.

  46. I just bought a 2003 Chevy s10, looks like it has a 3 in body lift but tires are hitting the back of the wheel well when turning. Tires are 33×12.5 r15. Not sure on the setting but would changing them over to a 33×10.5 clear the wheel well? Or would I need to go down to 32 or 31. I do like the 12.5 look, cause it does come out from the truck some, I’m thinking going with a shorter width would help but not sure with getting it out with all the rocks and thing off road. Thanks for anyone that can answer this for me.


  48. I have a Silverado 2004 I got some 20 rims 8.5 an offset of 16 or 18 will either et tuck

    • anything positive on a truck will be set in, 9″ wide 0 offset is about flush and – offsets will stick out

  49. I have a 2012 f150 4×4 with 18×9 with+25 offset looking to put on some Toyo opencountry at2 295/70r/18 will I have any rubbing issues with a 2 inch level kit?

  50. ok i have a 98 z71 yukon 7 inches of suspension lift tryin to figure out wheel and tire combo to tuck 37×12.50x20s ive looked at 20×12 -44 offset but ive been told it would basically run the tire into the fender i was told that 20×10 -24 offset would be my best bet i really need input because looking like my truck missed leg day is killing me

  51. I have a 2007 ford f150 with a 2 inch level I have purchased 20×10 -24 offset with 35×12.50 tires will these fit with minor plastic trimming. I’m not really wanting to go to a bigger suspension lift

    • That will definitely require some trimming but you should be able to get them to fit we do 20×10 with 33s all the time on a level with almost no plastic trim.

  52. If I get 18×10 Wheels with a -24 offset on 33×12.5 tires, how much will the tire stick out from the fender?? And how much if I add 1.5″ spacers?

  53. I have a 2013 crew cab silverado with a 3.5 rough country lift, 20×9 +25 offset wheels and 275 65 20 tires. If I add a 1.5 body lift would I be able to run 35 12.50 20 or would I have to trim and add wheel spacers?

  54. 295 70 r18 with fuel throttle 18×9
    What backspacing do I need to clear the leaf springs? No lift truck is stock

  55. I have a 2008 f250 6.4L and I’m going to put a 3.5 inch readylift sst kit on. Readylift says you can run 37 inch tires with a 9 inch wheel with 5 inches backspacing. With a 9 inch wheel I’m looking at a 0 offset for a backspace of 5 inches? Also, I’d like to run woth a 17×9 inch rim but I’m not sure it will clear the calipers. the truck cam stock woth 20’s

    • Yes you would want to pick out one of our 9″ wide wheels with 0 offset or a – offset. You will also want to verify with Readylift that you can run the 17″ wheel I know on some wheels and some trucks they do hit the calipers. I would recommend an 18″ to avoid wheel weight contact issues etc.

  56. I have 06 Dodge 2500 2wd with a 3.5 CST spindle lift, running stock tires with 1.5 inch spacers. Im interested in the XD797 with 35×12.5×17 tires. My question is what offset do i require on the XD797 so they do not rub?

    • That wheel is only offered in 17×9 -12 in the 17″ and that should be perfect for what you are trying to do!

  57. Hi, Im just an eager 17 year old kid with a hand-me-down truck and a question. I have a 95 suburban and i put the 17 stock wheels off of my dads 2012 suburban when he upgraded to the stock 20s. I put some aggressive goodyears on the rims and called it good for a while. Well now i have a little more money and i want to put wheel spacers on it because i cannot afford new wheels and tires. What is your opinion on wheel spacers? Some say they are bad for your bearings, others say it really doesnt harm? whats the way to go? and if they are okay, then should I go with 1, 1.5 or 2 inch spacers?
    let me know what you think, thank you very much

    • Hey Ricky, here is our stand on spacers. If your truck has 150k plus miles on it, it needs new wheel bearings. Most people that say their spacers wrecked their bearings, have 150k+ miles on original bearings… its the miles not the spacers. We recommend 2″ because you will avoid cutting your studs. Anything shorter will cause you to need your studs trimmed or they will protrude through the spacer. If you read the details on our spacer listing you will see this and more. Let us know if we can help more!

  58. I drive a 2011 gmc sierra and I bought some 20×10 wheels with a -12 offset and 33 12.5 tires with a 3.5 inch suspension lift….how far will the tires stick out from the fender and will I need to trim any?

    • Hey Kevin, they will stick out about 1.5″ from the side profile of the truck and you should not have to trim, if you do it will be a little bit of plastic at most. Hope that helps!

  59. I have a 52 offset on a 6.5 inch width 16inch rim… would a +45 18inch rim with a width of 7.5 or a 16 +40 with a 7 inch width work or be flush without sticking out past the fender

  60. i’m building a 1977 ford f150 and want to use 10″ wide wheels on the back and 8.5″ wide on the front and want them to be tucked inside the fender well. Would like to use 17″ wheels. What offset would i need

  61. I have 2005 silverado 1500. Putting rough country 4″ lift. 37×12.5 tires. What rim offset doi need? Do you have tire wheel combo for sale that would work?

  62. I’m looking to install a set of Fuel Offroad “Beast” D564 20×12 wheels with a -44mm offset with 35×12.50×20 tires on my 1995 Chevy Tahoe 2-door that has a 6″ Superlift kit installed. What things would I have to do to make this a clean install?

  63. I am looking to run a 20×12 rim with a -44 offset with a 35×12.5×20 tire on my 2014 Silverado and a 6 inch lift. how much trimming would need to be done?

  64. Soo what would i need to clear 18×12 with -44 on a stock 97 chevy 1500

  65. I have 1996 ford f-250 and got a set 9 inch wide center lines and was wondering how wide tire i can put on the truck with out a lift kit

  66. I have a 31×10.5r15 tire on my 2004 chevy Colorado truck, I need new rims I know that they will ne 15×8 but what should the offset be and where can I find the rim because I am having a bunch of trouble finding them.

  67. Could i see a picture of -50 offset

  68. Hi im planning to put new wheels and tires on my 2011 chevy silverado crew cab , I’m thinking of putting 20×9 fuel mavericks on 275 60 20 duratracs , which offset will make my tires more flush to fender +14 or +20 ? Thanks for tha help

    • Roy the lower the positive offset, the closer to flush. So 0 would be totally flush. +14 would be in about 1/2″, between +14 and +20, the +14 would be more flush by 1/4″. Hope that helps

  69. I’m wanting to run 35×12.50R20 with 20×9 rims on my 07 F150. I have a 2.5 leveling kit right now. How far will my tires stick out with a 0 offset and will they rub? If not how low of an offset can I go without having to trim too much?

  70. I have a 2004 f-150.. Going to put a 2.5′ leveling kit on it. What offset can I use on 20×9 Fuel Hostage rims?? And tire to fit?? I’m wanting a good aggressive look with as much depth I can get on the rims…

  71. Hi I have set of vossen wheels 20×10 with +55 offset. The rim shop thst sold them to me online said they would fit. Well… After buying tires and putting them on rims, they don’t! I have a 2011 infiniti g37x I was wondering if there is anything I can do to make them fit.. Spacers/adapters? What size? Should I even consider putting them on still? The front is too wide and hits my control arm and caliper… Thanks in advance

  72. I have a 03 f250
    I was wanting to know whats the widest wheel I could put on there without lifting. I’m wanting the low and wide look. Like -44 offset? And a leveling kit?

  73. If I put wheel spacers on my truck will I have to upgrade the studs? Or will the original ones work?

    • You want to be sure and get 1.75″ or larger spacers to avoid trimming your factory studs. However there is no need or reason to upgrade your studs the spacers are designed as lug and hub centric on your factory hub and studs. Hope that helps!

      • OK thank you, you just saved my wallet!! So I already got the 20×10 fuel hostage but they don’t have the look u was expecting, so I’m thinking of getting 20×12 and use the same 33×12.50 that I have now

  74. Was thinking about buyin some 20×14 with a -76 offset but wasnt sure how far they would poke out from the fender on my 97 chevy 1500

    • Depending on the size of tire you plan to run you will need approx. 7.5 to 10″ of lift to clear that size wheel and they will stick out about 6″ from the fenders (assuming no flares)

  75. I have a 1990 V1500 Suburban 4×4. Putting a 2″ lift, and wanting to add 33″ tires. My question is, do I need to buy wheels with a different offset than the factory? Factory is -19 I think.

  76. I got a 2004 toyota tundra with flares. Im bout to buy 325x60r18 and have a set of rims 18×9 picked out with choice of +1 and +18 offset. Will the +18 even stick out past the flares at all and is the backspace big enough to clear my calipers i keep running into problems and dont know all info to fill out form. Thanks, nick

    • Nick, shoot this message to our wheel fitment team at and they will help you out!

      • I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I have a wrangler 4 door 2014 with 33inch Mickey Thompson tires and I want to get rockstar 2’s rims . What offset should I be getting for those tires? Thanks !

  77. I have a 1998 ford expedition 4×4 leveled and I ordered some 20×10 -12 offset fuel hostage wheels with 33×12.50 tires do you guys know how much they will stick out the fenders? I want a very aggressive look

  78. I have a 1956 Chevy Bel Air 2-door hardtop. I was looking to buy 15×7 with 2″ backspace. I am concerned the backspacing will push the tire too far in.

  79. I have a 2003 F150 4×4, I want to fit 20×12 wheels with 35×13.50 tires, can I accomplish this with a 6 inch suspension lift? Or would I also need a body lift? Or would 20×10 wheels with 35×12.50 be a more likely fit?

  80. I have a 1978 chevy k10 and have a 4 inch lift and im getting new rims and want an aggresive or slightly aggresive stance but dont want to go over 10 wides. How much negative offfset will I need. I am looking at 17 inch rims and will be on 35’s.

  81. Im getting ready to mount procomp rims on my 2002 dodge dakota the rim has a -6mm offset will it stick out the fender any

  82. I ordered 9 wide rims with negative 8mm offset and was wondering if the wheels will be tucked or if they will stick out?
    I have a 1978 chevy k10 with a 4 inch lift and will be running 35×12.50 tires.

  83. I have 2114 f150 2.5 leveling kit have 35 tires to put on it really like the fuel nutz I would like the tire to stick out some the 20×9 + 1 I don’t think will stick out far as I want but the 20×10 -12 will be to much I have been looking at 20×9 -12 but for some reason I cant see any pic. Of wheels on your web just shows ? Don’t understand that which size would you recommend

  84. Was wondering if a 295/40 r20 mounted on a 20×10 wheel with a +18 offset is gonna be OK for my 2014 charger rt, rwd sedan? I bought a set of staggered wheels for it thanks man

  85. I was wanting to know what size tire to go with with the 0 offset for my ford f-150 it has 2inch leveling kit you guys answered my question about the offset and what size wheel to go with. The wheel size was 20 inch.

  86. I have an 04 dodge 2wd with 2.5 inch leveling kit was wanting to know if I could stick 20×12 -44 offset with 33 inch tired would fit on my truck

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  88. I have a 2014 silverado 1500 wt I’m planning to buy a new set of 17 x 9 wheels and I want them to stick out a litle more than now, not sure what offset will be good I don’t want to mess the handling or have rubbing issues

  89. I have a 2004 chevy zip 1500. I am getting a 6 inch lift and 35×12.50 tires put on this week. I already have xd 808 wheels that I want to keep on there. They have a positive 18mm offset. Will this work?

  90. 07 Tundra 4wd adding 3/2 lift. Looking at 18×9 wheels Toyo At 2 295/70. What is the lowest offset you can run. My buddy has this setup with a +18 on a 2014 Tundra. I would just like a little more wheel depth on the curb side. He had minor trimming done also.

  91. Im running a 2014 Silverado Z71 im currently looking to run a 33/12.5/20 on a 20×9 Red dirt road wheel, i have a 2.5 leveling kit, could i run 0 offset without rubbing or should i stick with the +12

  92. looking to run 33×12.5×20 on a 20×9 wheel with 0 offset on my 2010 extended cab Silverado. Will there be any rubbing with my set up?

  93. I have a 2013 f250 Will 20×10 -12 offset with 35×12.50 tires fit my truck at stock height? Someone please help?

  94. I have a 2003 totota tacoma double cab trd off road. Its stock but I want to lift it and want the wheels to have a negative offset does anyone have any suggestions on what would look awesome??

  95. Don’t forget the most important issue, and that is staying close to the offset specs for your particular vehicle! Deviation one way or another for the sake of aesthetics is at the expense of negative vehicle handling AND premature wheel bearing failure due to excessive loading! 😉

    • The engineers would love for you to believe they got it perfect, however not everyone is convinced lol. There will be risks and benefits to all mods, however that’s why it’s important to do your research and reach out to those that have gone before you! Thank you for your input CI Performance!

    • Good to know. Thank you. But do you know what would be the limit? The wheels have +25mm offset 5 backspacing so how far can I go with these numbers? Thank you

  96. What would be the minimum backspace that I have to have on new wheels for 2014 ram 1500?

  97. I have a 06 super duty. I put a procomp 6″ lift on it. I have 37×12.5×20 tires on the stock 06 harley rims. The tires rub at full wheel turn. What rim offset would you recommend to go with that tire so the tires don’t rub?

  98. I have a 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 6.7L. I want an offset but I don’t want it to rub!! And I don’t want to up size my rims or tires!! What offset do you suggest?

  99. Help please!!!
    I have 2014 Ram 1500 and I was wondering what offset can I have on new rims? I have 2″leveling lift on front and I’m running 285/70/17 on stock wheels (offset +25mm). I Want to buy after market wheels and want to achieve wider stance (push the wheels out). Don’t know if I can get something with 0 or even negative offset without rubbing or any problems! Thank you for your help!

  100. I was wondering what offset can I have on new rims? I have 2″leveling lift on front and I’m running 285/70/17 on stock wheels (offset +25mm). I Want to buy after market and want to achieve wider stance (push my wheels out). Don’t know if I can get something with 0 or even negative offset without rubbing. Thank you for your help.

  101. I have a 2007 Tacoma TRD Sport, I was looking at a 17×8.5 wheels with a 5 3/4″ backspace 25mm offset…….. Would that size wheel with 265/70R17 tire work on a stock set up (no lift). Not sure if that wheel with that back space will work and if it did would it look right? Thanks,

  102. im trying to figure out where a +25offset wheel will sit on my 2009 malibu

  103. I have a 1988 suzuki samurai and I’m putting rims on it and lifting it 4 in. With 31.10.50x15x8 I have 2inch spacers on it know and I wont a little more than double that so would I need an 5inch off-set???

  104. Im trying to decide whether or not to go with a 20×10 -12 or 20×10 -24. Do you have an idea of how much of a difference the kick out would be outside of the fender with either tire?

  105. Hi,
    I have a Jeep JKU with stock 17×7.5″, 6.25 back spacing wheels 1.5″ spacer, the tires are 285/70/17s. I love the stance with this set up. I’m looking to change the wheels and my options are 17×8.5, -6 offset or +18, second wheel is 17×8.5, -10 offset or +15. What out of the 4 options will give me the same stance as the 17×7.5″ w 6.25 bs and a 1.5″ spacer?

    • Sorry I posted this twice, didn’t see the first one took…

      Happy Holidays!

    • Joey, no problem. With your 1.5″ spacer you are creating a 0 offset basically. So by also going up to an 8.5″ wheel you will either be pushing that inch of wheel toward the brakes or toward the curb (more stance.) The +15 and +18 will basically put that 1″ of extra wheel toward you brakes and keep your current stance (sticking past the fenders). by going -10 or -6 you will move that wheel out and it will stick out about an inch more from the fenders. Hope that helps, email us at if you need anything, including killer prices on some wheels this size!

  106. Hi,
    I have a Jeep JKU, I’m running 285/70/17s on stock 17×7.5″ with 1.5″ spacer. Stock wheels are 6.25 back spacing. I love the stance with the stockers and the spacer. I’m looking for the same stance with new wheels. My options are 17×8.5″ -6 offset or +18, the other wheel is 17×8.5″ -10 offset or +15. What option out of the 4 will give me the same (or close) stance as the 17×7.5, 6.25 BS with a 1.5″ spacer?


  107. I just bought 8.5 inch rims for my truck and was wondering if i can run 10 or 12 inch wide tires still?

  108. I just bought 8.5 inch rims for my truck and was wondering if i can run 10 or 12 inch wide wheels still?

  109. I want to run 20s on a 1977 c10 I know I need a positive offset cuz its a bagged truck and I need the rims to fit inside the fenders what should I run..

  110. I have a 2006 silverado crew cab and thinking of running some staggered 24s i want a 24×8.5 up front and a 24×12 out back will they fit without having to shorten my rear end?

  111. I have a 17×8 Maverick Wheels with a +25 offset on a 2013 f150 and also have a 2.5 inch front end level kit and i would like to put on 35×12.50R17’s would they rub?

  112. I have a challenge for you an maybe you can help I have a jaguar xjs 1988 5×120 or 4.75 off set factory is 20… I want the old school staggered style but very wide 16×10 rims I plan on getting 87 pontiac gta rims can those be re banded some how ? The rear on those cars are 20 offsrt… thanks!

  113. I am looking to put 20×9″ Niche Veronas on a 2014 Honda Accord Coupe, which offset would you recommend? Not trying to affect my ride much, don’t want too much of the tire sticking out past the fender. Thanks

  114. I have a 2005 chevy hd with a 6 inch lift. I want to install 20×12 LRG 101 wheels with a -44 off set. Will they fit ? ;

  115. Hey I needed some help on choosing a rim, I have a 2013 civic Si which the stock wheels r 17×7 with +45 offset, the tire is 215 45, I wanted to keep the same tire and toss it on some RPF1 SBC’s, the two sizes that I was looking at was a 17×8 +45 offset and 17×8.5 with +30 offset what would b the major diff. Between the two rims I don’t want it to rub and I don’t want it to poke out too much I want it flush I also have a 1.8″ drop in front and 1.” In rear if that helps

  116. I have a 2005 chevy 2500hd wt stock and want to know if 4 New 18X8.5 10 Offset 6×139.7 AMERICAN OUTLAW Buckshot Black Wheels/Rims will work on it ? I have some 18″ gear alloy wheels on it now but one of them broke right in the middle of an arm with no known reason the Crack went all the way through. Trying to use the new nitto tires I just bought…

  117. I have a 2005 Silverado 1500 Ext Cab and was planning on lifted it with a 4″ RC lift kit and run 33″ tires on it. However I also planned on running 18″ rims too but cannot determine which offset will be best for this setup. I’d like the tire to stick out maybe 1/4″ outside of the fender at most.

  118. I have a 2014 sierra 4×4 crew with the rough country 2.5 leaves lift and I’m trying to figure out what size tire,wheel and off set to get I don’t want to cut trim or rub any. I have talked to sever folks and know one around here can help

  119. I want to get a 18by9 -12 rim, will that be flush with the fender or will it be sticking out the fender.

  120. I have a chevy Silverado 1500 2 door 2wd short bed 4.3L base model. I am going to put 20″ rims on it and give it a 4/6 drop. I was wondering what size tire I can run without any problems. the rims are 20×9 18mm offset 6×139.

  121. Hey, I have a 2009 Sierra 1500 4×4 with a leveling kit. I am running a 305/55r20 on factory wheels but I want to go with a 20×12. How much of an offset can I go? Or if any at all? Thanks

  122. Hi. Great site.
    I have a 2014 ram 1500. Stock. Trying to run a 22×9.5 black rhino traverse. Rim has +20mm offset. Seems it might be close to the uca’s. Any info?

  123. I want to put LT275/70/18 Toyo open country M/T on
    18 ” KMD HD 798 Addict and I want it to go to outside of fender will -12 offset do that?

  124. up date..had level kit put in 2006 ford f-150 and added 33 inch tires with -12 offset rims..not even close to rubbing looks awesome.35 inch would have cleared

  125. I saw a tacoma with a 20×10 rim and a -44 offset can I get that with just a leveling kit?

  126. I have a 2006 ford f-150 4×4 with positive 45 mil, I bought negative 12 offset rims..can I put 33 inch tires on with a 2 inch level kit? thetires are 17inch x 12.50

  127. Also, is it necessary to lower your car in order to upgrade the wheel size? Can i just go from 15″ oem to 18″ without modifying anything else? Thank you.

  128. Hello, i have a 2002 golf mk4 tdi with 15″ OEM wheels and i would like to upgrade to 18″ . What is a safe width and offset? Thank you

  129. Need some help guys and gals… Just picked up a 2007 Chevy 2500HD 4X4 SB with a 5″ lift and some ugly A$$ rims and tires (18″ Procomps w/Federal Tires). Truck is black and I am torn between Chrome or Black. XD Riots or Fuel Hostages. I’m going with 20’s X 10 with Toyo MT 33’s. Just not sure if I should get the -24 or -44 offset? I like the wide stance look. I just don’t want to be way out there or hurt the drivability of the truck. I pull a 32 RV regularly and I am worried about turning radius. I also don’t want to cut the bumper etc on the truck. Any help and advice would be greatly appreciated! Thank you….

  130. I was wondering how a set of chrome 20×12 fuel Kranks would look on a 2005 chevy silverado 2500HD. (since the throttles are on back order)

  131. My son has a 06 Scion xb it has factory wheels which are 15×6.5 with 195/50-15 tires.I believe the offset is a +40. He wants a 15×8 wheel with a zero offset and same tires. The wheels he is looking at come only in a zero offset and a +25 offset. I don’t want them to rub on the inside.

  132. I have a 2011 silverado 1500 reg cab. It has 18″ factory wheels on it and I’m wanting to put 18×9 on it. What offset should I get if the truck has a leveling kit on it?

  133. Hi I have a 2011 Ram 1500 sport and I wanna put 20×12 wheels with a -44 offset and 35×12.5×20 tires on with a 6″ lift. Will this rub you think? I don’t wanna have to trim my bumper or fender

  134. Hi.

    I have a ’96 GMC Safari and am currently looking at a set of 17″ or 18″ wheels. They have a -12 offset, will these fit?

    Thanks in advance.





  136. I have a 2001 Toyota Tacoma prerunner double cab with 3″ BL & 3″ suspension lift. I’m looking to purchase a set of rims (18×9 -12 offset) and mount 33×12.5 tires on them. My question is will it fit? Will I have any rubbing issues? Should I stick with the -12 offset or should I go with 0 or + offset?

  137. I have a 2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe. Factory sizes are 225/40/19 8.0" and 245/40/19 8.5" with 35 offset front and rear, looking to install wheels with 245/45/19 8.0" +31F and 275/40/19 9.0" +36 rear, will these wheels fit?

  138. I own a versa and am trying to obtain a bit of poke with my new wheels. Current stock tire size are 185_65_15 and stock wheel size are 6″ wide, +41mm offset. New tires will be 215_50_17 and new wheels that I’m looking at are 9″wide with a +25mm offset. Will this be a good match to obtain the stance I am looking for? Will I need spacers for the new setup? This is my first time trying to pull off a combo like this and I don’t know a whole lot about offsets and whatnot. Although this website has been helpful thus far. Thanks in advance for any feedback.

  139. And putting on 35’s x 12.5. Sorry i missed that on the last post

  140. I have a 2004 Titan with 6″ pro comp lift with coil overs and i currently have 35 x 12.5’s nittos with 18×10 american racing wheels and i want to go to a fuel throttle deep lip rim 20 x 12 -44 offset with toyo open county tires. My fenders are already trimmed. I want to make sure they will fit? I saw the photoS of the black titan on your site and it looks exactly what i want. Thanks.

  141. ok im new to this whole offset stuff and its really confusing to me…just a blonde thing prolly…but I have a 2005 dodge ram 1500 I want to put fuel offroad mavericks on it.. they have deep lip (if that's a difference) and in my state the tires cant stick out but I wouldn't mind putting fender flares on…but again in my state….I cant have fender flares more than 3 inches….I was looking at the 18's or 20's….can anyone help me?

  142. Sorry I am new to all this. I have stock 2013 chev silverado 4*4.
    I would like to get new rims. The ones I am looking at are 17″ rims with a -12 offset. I want to use the stock tires till they are done. Will these rims work? Thanks

  143. I have a 2002 silverado 1500 with a leveling kit and i am looking to get a set of RBP 94r wheels in 17×9, the only issue i am having is that i have the option of -25 to+10 offsets in that wheel and im not sure how much offset each is going to give me, i would like the bring the tires (LT285/70R17) a bit out past the fenders without fender flares if thats possible?

  144. I have 2011 Silverado 2500 HD. I’m about to put on a 6.5″ lift and would like to install 20′ wheels with the biggest lip I can fit along with 37″ tires without having to do major modifications. I have been encouraged by several local wheel & tire dealers in local Seattle area to go with a 20×10 wheel w/ -19 offset along with “37’s. I really like the look of the 20×12 -44 wheels I see on your site…
    Is this a size wheel I can fit on my truck with a 37″ without doing major construction in the wheel well?
    I’m trying to get the Super Aggressive look without lifting more than 6.5” & major cutting.

  145. Quick question (please): I have a ’08 Jeep JK with a 2.5″ lift and can NOT go past the fender flares with my tires (I live in Portugal). What’s the biggest tire size & rim combination I can use?…Was hoping for 35’s :) THANKS FOR THE FEEDBACK!!

  146. I am wanting to put 20×9 wheels on my 09 Ram 1500 with 35×12.2×20 Nitto Trail Grapplers. I levelled my truck with Bilstein 5100 adjustables set at 2.1 and raised the back 1.5″ with Icon 1 1/2″ lift Shocks and coils. Will this fit without any rubbing issues or should I get a 3″ body lift? Looking for a -16 to -18 offset.

  147. So, one question anybody with a CRX is, you throw the black widow wide body kit on it and what would the offset be to make the wheels look normal? definitely in the negatives but no one has ever found the answer!

  148. Thanks Char. I am wanting to put 305/55/20 tires on the wheels. Would that push them out further?

    • Brian, what size tires are they today? They won’t “stick out” any further based on tire size but where you might start to run into issue is if the tire is getting taller it may want to hit the front bumper or back of the front fender.

  149. how much will a KMC Rockstar 20×8.5 with a +10 offset stick out out on a 2013 F250?

  150. I have a 2012 GMC Sierra Z71 Extended Cab with a Leveling Kit on stock 17×7.5 with a 31mm offset. I want to put Mickey Thompson Classic III Black, 17×9 with -12mm offset and 4.5″ backspacing. what size tires can I run with that?

  151. I recently purchased a 2007 GMC 2500 HD and want to put an 18×9 wheel with 00 offset and 305/60/18 . Truck was leveled and has pocket flares. Can I get by with just trimming.

  152. Hi, i have a stock 2008 R8 and want to upgrade to a 20″ setup. 20×8.5 front and 20×10 or 11 rear. Can anyone help with offset suggestion and tyre width recommendation?

  153. In that last diagram, the formula at the bottom might have a typo. In the example it says +35mm offset, but in the formula below it says 25mm.

    Also, you add 1″ to the rim width, then divide by two. Is that 1″ to account for the thickness of the wall that holds the tire bead?

  154. Tom – It looks like others with that custom offset are doing a minimum of a leveling kit but a 3-4″ suspension lift will ensure less rubbing. See this truck
    See our gallery and feel free to ask others with your same wheel setup for advice! – Char T A

  155. I think my factory wheel offset is +31. Z71 Silverado 2009 18×8 wheel. I have picked a new wheel with a -12 offset 18×9. Will I have issues with this set up?

  156. Yes, and no. People are shaving the wheel on the backside where it mounts to the hub of the car to increase the postive offset (i.e. take a +25 wheel and shave 10mm and have a +35) however there is often little room to work with and only a professional shop should attempt. IMO
    The other option is to add a spacer between the wheel and hub, this increases the negative or lowers the positive offest (i.e. -12 to a -18.35 with a 1/4″ spacer, remember each inch is about 25.4mm).
    GREAT QUESTION keep them coming!!

  157. So can the offset of a wheel be changed if I buy one that isn’t exactly what I need?

    • You can adapt wheels to your car by using
      a) spacers to increase backspace and thus create a more negative offset
      (I did so with my 07 Stang when I moved OEM 18”x8.5 with 6.38 backspace towards the curb side / in line with the fenders by mounting spacers of 25 mm each side)

      b) hub center rings if the bore of the rim is wider than the hub diameter of your car

      Just make sure you use best quality, e.g. hands off cheap offers at Ebay

    • Yes, that’s what I did. Just keep in mind when using spacers you can only move the wheels towards the curbside not to the caliper side.
      Most inportant: do careful measuring . Overhere in Germany our authorities are quite strict with wheels that stick out too far from the fenders.

  158. Pete, email us at and we can help answer any fitment questions and hook you up with some killer price quotes!!

  159. yes, about a 0 offset is flush on 8.5″

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