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Our LED bars vs. the “typical eBay” bars

We often are asked why people would buy our bars vs. the typical ones on eBay for less money. Here are some very specific reasons you want to buy from us and use our product:

The Typical import light. Key differences are:

1) Standard 1year warranty. We do lifetime

2) pulls 16amps at only 12 volts. This means that they use over-powered drivers that pull to many amps to create the 9600 lumens they claim. This will most definitely cause premature failure of the leds. Which is why they can only give one year if any warranty. We have 9800 lumens at 7 amps. This is vital for longevity and reliability. We highly recommend not buying a light that draws so many amps.

3) They are using “toughened glass”. It tends to allow moisture inside and will not take an impact and will break. We use Polycarbonate plastic for our lens. Its unbreakable!

4) They only have ip67 rated lights and therefore will take on moisture ( from the glass) we are ip68 which is impenetrable to the elements.

5) They can only run on 10-30volts. This means that quads, bikes and other 9 volt systems can’t use them, neither can heavy equipment such as bulldozers and tractor trailers that run on 36 watts. Our lights run on any 9-36v systems!

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