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PlastiDipped the lifted 2003 Chevrolet Avalanche Flat Black

Sorry we got a little behind giving the play by play of our build but things got a little crazy trying to make our first show.

We decided to go for and and ordered the pro car kit for a Full size truck or SUV for like $450 from www.dipyourcar.com. The kit came with an electric air sprayer (basically a mini shop vac that blows rather than sucks, into a gun so you end up with an air sprayer). A roll of painter’s tape, a chamois style rag to wash the dip after the fact, a microfiber cloth for prep, and 5 gallons of already thinned plastidip.

We have never painted anything bigger than a wheel so the whole process was watching a lot of youtube videos and just plain luck. We set up shop in my buddies garage and hoped for the best.

We washed the entire truck the night before. We realized half way through we still should have blown out all door handles, mirrors and other crevices. Anywhere there was still water we ran into issues while spraying.

Then we taped up the entire truck. You don’t have to tape the lights and windows but it saves on product if you do. We also bagged the wheels because we had to protect our precious Custom Offsets! Here is what she looked like.


You will notice at the top of the windshield we left room for a big ole’ visor so the truck would have matching plastidip visor. First time it rained a little going down the highway the visor was laying in the ditch, not worth trying.

Then we got busy!

We started by putting 7 coats on the roof.

Plastidipped the roof

Here is a little footage of our founder (remember this is his first time with a spray gun) painting the entire truck. The whole truck was done with 7 coats, 4 gallons of dip.

Here is a shot of it just as we finished up with paint.

Plastidip Chevrolet Avalanche

See our next post to see the finishing touches as we add the “hardware”, peel the dip of the lights and windows, and put some decals on her.


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