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Q: How do I stop wind noise from my 50″ Off Road LED Light Bar?

A: Because all light bars have fins for cooling, all makes and brands have a chance to whistle at highway speed, but I have great news! You can almost completely eliminate this howling or screeching noise. Better news, it will cost you less than $10 and 15 minutes. The entire noise is coming from the wind whipping past the cooling blades on the back of your new LED light bar. Though you need air to move around and past your light bar for cooling, you don’t need so much you can’t hear your stereo!

Go to any local hardware store and purchase a door seal kit. You are NOT looking for the foam surrounds, but rather the rubber flap (about 1 to 1.5″ wide) that goes on the bottom of the door. Here are the ones we have had great success using (once installed you can hardly see them so we typically use the brown version).

White (you will need 2):


Brown (you will need 2):


Or pick a pair up over at home depot


weather strip

Be sure to get the version with the tape vs the nail on! You will obviously need 2 as they are 36″ long and your light is about 50″. We install them by putting them between the first and second blades on the top of the light bar, nearest the windshield. Simply install the first 36″ strip to the light bar then measure and cut the second strip. Be sure that you match the uncut edge to the other strip to create a clean look at the joint, the cut end will hide better up against the end of the light bar.

This strip will GREATLY reduce, if not completely eliminate the noise! Better yet it’s less than $10, 15 minutes, and you can hardly see it.

  1. Does this fix the wind noise? I’ve already put some weather stripping in the foils and eliminated the whistling.

    • It probably won’t eliminate all wind noise. The strip is intended to also fix the whistling which sounds like you have already fixed. It probably wouldn’t hurt to also add this!

  2. Does this work for a curved light bar?

    • Just simply cut them in sections, they are very easy to trim and cut. Its just soft rubbery plastic.

  3. What does the finished product look like? Can you post pictures? I’m a little unclear on the exact placement and fit.

    • You can’t even tell it is there once installed. You stick it to the second fin on the underside of the light bar. Its main objective is to let the air slid by the fins. We will add some installed pics above.

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