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Renderings of the Custom Offsets Truck final look

Feel free to comment here or www.facebook.com/customoffsets and let us know what you think. We will build the rest of the truck in the next 6 weeks so now is your chance to influence it!

This one puts the light bar up top, decal down low on the windshield, and no grill hardware.

rendering CO truck 4-11-13


This one moves the LED Light bar to the bumper, adds hardware to the grill and moves the Custom Offsets sticker to the top of the window.


One more with a Winch, no fender bolts just grill, and added some of our sponsors on the rear.



Feel free to share any thoughts or ideas. For the hardware I plan to buy large stainless bolts and drill them right into the plastic and metal of the fenders so they are pretty forever. The cO decal on the site would have the look alike bolts to flow. The front grill emblem will be a cut out that is hand painted to stand out just a little from the grill. Paint is all black plastidip, flat black that is.

Here is a pic we found of an actual dipped Avalanche in all flat black to give you an idea of the real deal.

dipped avy

Chartie’r – Team Custom Offsets


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