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What's Included

-8oz. Dirty Lip - Wheel Shampoo
-32oz. Back2Black - New Rubber
-32oz. Shoe Shine - Carnauba Spray Detailer
-(2) Spray Nozzles
(2) Microfibers
(1) Wash Mit


Custom Offsets Wheel Shine Kit for Painted Wheels by Killerwaxx uses nothing but the best ingredients. The kit uses the highest grade Carnauba available.  

You have the option to add a 32oz bottle of Pinstripe detail spray for 50% off.  

Pinstripe Pink Instant Detailer

32.oz Pinstripe Pink instant detail spray is a complete wax protection in an easy spray formula. Protect your car's paint with real brazilian carnauba wax for 3 months. Pinstripe Pink takes the tedious work out of waxing your car. Spray is on, wipe it off!

This painted wheel kit is ideal for painted, black, powder coated, matte/gloss/satin wheels, and PVD Chrome (PVD is more of a powder finish than a plated chrome so this kit is ideal).

Custom Offsets Wheel Shine Kit by Killerwaxx is good for use on cars, motorcycles, bicycles, boats, planes, snow boards, etc.

The Back2Black and Shoe Shine are in HUGE 32oz spray bottles!!!

Did you know that there are different grades of Carnauba?
We use Grade A #1 carnauba which is 99.99% pure. We pride on the fact that we use the strongest ingredients and produce one of the strongest waxes on the market available to the general public. Other companies can pack more wax in there product, but they have to use harsh chemicals, like petroleum, which is like spreading lighter fluid all over your car,truck, or bike. No good in our book.

The Premium Detailer's Kit consists of:
(1) - Dirty Lip wheel shampoo 8 oz
(1) - Back2Black new rubber 32 oz
(1) - Shoe Shine carnaube spray detailer 32 oz
(2) - Spray Nozzles

Detailing Tips:

Dirty Lip - Wheel Shampoo
1. Add one cap full of soap per gallon of water. Use two caps for heavier soiled vehicles
2. Rinse vehicle well before wash to remove loose dirt and grime.
3. Wash with sponge or towel
4. Rinse well and dry with towel or chamois cloth
5. Apply Back2Black New Rubber

Back2Black - New Rubber
1. Spray Back2Black on the tire sidewall, don't worry about the over-spray onto the wheel
2. Allow the spray to soak into the rubber while using a clean towel to lightly remove the over-spray from the wheel
3. Finish all tires and wipe all wheels, now come back and dap off any excess
4. Apply Shoe Shine Carnauba Spray Detailer to your painted or PVD wheels.

Shoe Shine - Carnauba Spray Detailer
1. Shake Well
2. Apply to the entire wheel by spraying approx 10" back from the wheel
3. Using a clean microfiber towel wipe the wax into the surface and cover all wheels
4. Now using a second dry and clean microfiber towel. Lightly buff to a killer shine!

About Us
Custom Offsets LLC owns and operates customoffsets.com. We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect detailing products for your needs.

All shine products will ship within 24 hours of purchase. All shipping prices are based on the lower 48 states unless specified otherwise. Always inspect your items immediately upon receipt.

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - p65warnings.ca.gov.

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  1. Is this the right kit for Havok H109 Black/Milled? I can’t tell if the milled parts are clearcoated.

    • Yes, this is the kit you would want for any painted wheel!

      • I purchased the Wheel shine kit for painted wheels, can’t say enough how great it is. Love the non greasy non silicon slinging tire spray. The only flaw I’ve noticed, is after a rainy highway drive my tires look HORRIBLE. First time it happened I thought that maybe I didn’t clean my tires good enough. So my next wash I used tire cleaner with a tire brush, then hit em with the dirty lip, shoe shine, and back to black. Wheels and tires where BEAUTIFUL!!!😎. Rain storm hit, now my tires look HORRIBLE again😣.

        • Reggie, thank you for the message, glad you love the product! Due to the Back2Black not having any silicone in the product, it will not retract water and rain water can get the tires dirty again just as the paint on the vehicle. Hope that helps!

  2. Will this kit work on matte finished wheels?

  3. Been in the detail business for a long time used everything I mean everything and this stuff right here nothing can touch it!

  4. I have Fuel Krank wheels that I purchased from you last year. Get tons of complements! What cleaner and polish/wax would you recommend for them? Thanks!

  5. Can dirty lip be used as a car wash too or just recommended for the wheels?

  6. Will this get Road grime off of my moto metals? The stuff I use doesn’t work well.

    • Yes, but more than likely you have tar on your wheels. This doesn’t have a de-greaser additive. Brake cleaner works pretty decent for getting really bad tar and road grim. After that stuff is off this wheel care kit works awesome bringing it back to that new look!

  7. What kind of mayhem wheels are those

    • They are the Warrior with custom powder coating. You would have to have them done by your local powder coat company, Its not an option from the manufacture unfortunately.

  8. I have the panther off road 579 20×9 -12s since they’re Black do I go with this kit or the one for polished rims ?

  9. This is for the alloy wheels right ?

  10. Understanding that the Dirty Lip is a pre cleaner prior to the wax, what product do you recommend to remove brake dust prior to the Dirty Lip that wont hurt the painted wheel finish?

    • If its embedded its probably not going to come out unless you have it wet sanded 🙁 If its lightly covering the surface you can try iron X If that doesn’t work its probably embedded.

  11. Does it help with keeping brake dust off the rims I’m looking at getting another set of rims and tires for my truck I have a set of eagle alloy rims on it and had a caliper lock up and I used everything under the sun to clean them and can’t get them clean my truck gets a bath every 2 weeks and polished

    • It will create a barrier on the wheel. It won’t take it off but will allow it to come off easier when you clean them.

  12. About to purchase shine kit for brand new painted wheels, I work in construction ,so dirt and grime are an every day thing. I hate tire cleaners that leave a greasy ,Jerry Curl ,dripping look and feel.

    • That is the beauty of our tire shine it doesn’t leave a greasy film! It gives it a “new look” not a shinny “greasy” look!

  13. How many times will I be able to clean up my wheels with the 2 32oz products and the 1 8oz product.

    • You should see about 20 cleanings with a kit. Unless you get to crazy with the Shoe Shine and Back2Black.

  14. Is the kit supposed to come with spray handles?

    • Hi Jason, yes, it does come with spray nozzles and straws!

      • Thanks for the reply,my kit was missing them so I spoke with Kirk in shipping and he is going to send me 2 asap. I appreciate the excellent customer service!

        • Oh, I’m sorry we missed sending those out with your shine! Thanks for understanding! We’ll get you hooked up! Thanks so much for your order.

  15. I got this kit a few weeks ago and let me say this stuff is awesome!! I like the look it gives to my tires…not soaking wet to sling up the side of my truck, but just enough to make the tires look brand new. And my rims look amazing too. Love this stuff!!

  16. What does the show shine kit consist of?

  17. Got this kit like a week or two ago finally quit raining so I could use it all I can say is wow love it makes my wheels look brand new best product I’ve found tire shine and wheels shine

  18. Does the shoe shine wax work on flat black rims and also on the car

  19. Will this kit help eliminate light scratches off gear alloy big block 726B . First wash and they got light buffs with a microfiber cloth.

  20. Hi there, would you recommend this for the Procomp SERIES 5034 ROCKWELL in the Black finish?

  21. I have fuel renegades with chrome center and black gloss outer. Would you recommend just get the painted wheel kit cleaner. Would that kit hurt the chrome center.

  22. Can I use this kit to clean the back side of the my XD Bomb rims ?

  23. Does it help keep brake dust off longer? I clean mine now and they are dirty in a few days. How long would you guys say they would stay clean?

  24. Will this stuff take break dust off?

    • You would need an actual wheel cleaner. The dirty lip is more to get the dirt and dust off so you don’t scratch the wheels when you wax them.

  25. Would this kit work for the hostile sprockets black milled?

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