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(4) CURVED 23"x4.5" Wheel Lip Vinyl Cut CO Decal Sticker.  Curved design is made perfect to fit the lip of your 12" wide dip lip wheels!

Gloss Black
Matte Black

COMES AS A SET OF FOUR (one for each wheel)

4x Curved CO Wheel Decals

Black 24 inch decal
Flat Black
Charcoal Gray
Lime Green
Light Red
Matte White

Package Deal on More Gear!

Add 24 Inch Custom Offsets Decal White
Add 4 CO Wheel Decals White
Add PAIR of 12 inch Stacked Custom Offsets Decals White
Add 55 inch Custom Offsets Curved Windshield Decal White
ADD Custom Offsets Fitted Trucker - One Size Fits All
Add PAIR of 8 Inch New CO Decals White
No Additional Gear Needed

Add a color 24 Inch Decal?

Blue 24 Inch CO Decal
Orange 24 Inch CO Decal
Lime Green 24 Inch CO Decal
Black 24 Inch CO Decal
Pink 24 Inch CO Decal
Grey 24 Inch CO Decal
Red 24 Inch CO Decal

Add CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt

Small CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
Medium CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
Large CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
XL CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
2XL CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
3XL CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt
4XL CO Black w/ Grey Hooded Sweatshirt

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Custom Offsets LLC owns and operates We are dedicated to helping you find the perfect fitment for your ride while also bringing you the highest quality, affordable aftermarket parts in the world! We are truck and car enthusiasts who build their dream rides with these very products.

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Please look over your purchase completely immediately upon receiving the item and contact us within 3 business days. Once tires are mounted we cannot offer returns. A restocking fee may be charged of 20% to recoup our losses so please contact us with questions if you are unsure of fitment or product quality. To ensure your satisfaction, often we will connect you directly with our manufacturers, wholesalers and distributors if you have detailed questions or issues with product. If there are any additional questions or concerns please notify us promptly at

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  1. Will these fit a Gear Armor 20×12 _-44?

  2. Will these fit a 24×14 -75 offset

  3. If I wanna take these off of chrome what would be the best method

    • Whenever trying to remove decals we usually try to use a little heat. Whether it be just from a blow dryer or an actual heat gun. Warming them up a bit helps soften up the adhesive and makes it much easier to remove them.

  4. I did mine last night… They came out nice. Used the soap and water approach. I did trim the backing a bit closer to the lettering to help a bit. I’ll try and attach a pic. I thought about doing a video guys but….you’ve got this..I can’t top your videos.

  5. Y’all should do an install video of these decals.

  6. Do you guys have any pictures of these decals on chrome rims and can you see them or do the blend in?

    • We had a set on a chrome set at one time but not sure if anyone took any pictures. They were definitely still visable though.

  7. Will these fit on vision prowler 20×12

  8. Will this fit with a 20×10 -24 offset

  9. Will they fit on the Scorpion SC 21? Also what’s the best cleaning method for the decals

    • They will as long as they are 12″ wide wheels. As far as cleaning them, you can just use the same stuff that you use to wash your wheels.

  10. will these fit on 20×12 hostile sprockets

  11. If I buy wheel decals can I get free 24 decal I just get wheels from you

  12. I have the fuel lethal 15×10-44 can you make a set of these stickers to fit that lip?

  13. How well do these hold up when applied to chrome wheels?

    • They hold up just as well on chrome as they do on a painted wheel. The biggest thing is to make sure you use something to get any wax and or polish removed from the wheels before applying them.

  14. Can you guys make a custom set that says Cummins instead of the Custom Offsets logo?

  15. Two questions, 1. Will these fit on a 20×10 -24 moto metal 970s? 2. My truck is burgundy and I wanna color match these how light is the purple?

  16. Durable enough to drive on gravel roads?

    • Austin, we use higher grade vinyl, you are all set to go. Don’t go throwing the gravel on the vinyl or anything! We haven’t had any complaints

  17. I ordered 20×12 -44 offset wheels for my 2002 f150, will the lip be big enough to fit these stickers

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